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Junior Edition

Junior Edition: What’s That Sound?

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Celia McGee

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JUNIOR EDITION: New Fiction for Younger Readers searches out the best of recent releases for K through 12. Celia also enjoys finding great options for teens among new novels published for adults. We hope Celia's terrific choices get kids excited about reading, and help create the next generation of readers and writers!

About the Author

Celia McGee

Celia McGee grew up surrounded by books. In her column, “JUNIOR EDITION: New Fiction for Younger Readers,” she shares her interest in newly- released books for younger readers, K-12. She contributes regularly to The New York Times on books, authors and the arts, and has been the publishing columnist for The New York Observer, media columnist for the New York Daily News, and a book review editor and writer for New York magazine. A Center for Fiction board member, she has served on the board of the National Book Critics’ Circle, was Founding Director of the @Macaulay Author Series, and still reviews books for grownups.