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Unlocking Your Novel by Looking Within with Chelsea Bieker (Sold Out)


3 Sessions via Zoom

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Friday-Sunday 7:00 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT October 23 to October 25, 2020

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Writing a novel can be a lonely business. Perhaps you’ve been working on yours for a long time and are waiting for things to finally click into place, perhaps you are in the early stages of writing and wondering how you will make it to the end of a draft, or wondering what those middle 100 pages are doing. In the process of writing a long project there is no shortage of ways to feel stuck. But there is also no shortage of ways to become unstuck.

In this course we will de-mystify crafting and revising a novel by looking at not only our own work on the page, but by looking within to identify and remove any emotional blocks you might have that are holding you back from achieving your goals. It is my belief that along with a sure understanding of craft (we will talk about how to make those all important first pages really sing, how to dynamically structure your novel, and examine things like point-of-view and voice) but we will also embark on the deep work of looking at our own core beliefs about ourselves as writers that may be unconsciously holding us back.

So often when I hear writers talk about their processes, fear is involved. Fear that they won’t be able to pull of the story they are trying to tell, fear they will be rejected, fear of success even. In this class we will look at practical and actionable ways we can begin to dismantle what no longer serves us and implement what does, both on the page, and in ourselves. I believe our art is a soul project and we are all worthy of leaning into the full expression of what we wish to create.

Capacity: 20 students

This workshop will take place online via Zoom. Participants will receive instructions for access prior to the first session.

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