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Writing Workshops

Harnessing the Power of POV in Storytelling with Keisha Bush


3 Sessions

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Friday–Sunday July 19 to July 21, 2024

Online via Zoom

Meeting Details:
Friday–Sunday, 7/19–7/21
6–8pm ET (Friday), 11am–1pm ET (Saturday & Sunday)
Held Online via Zoom

In this course, we will explore the different points of view (POV) and why a writer would choose one over the other. We’ll examine the differences between first, second, and third person, what an omniscient POV is, and its pros and cons. We’ll also deep-dive into first-person distant and first-person close, third-person distant and third-person close, and learn the power each wields. Finally, we’ll explore whether or not there is a secret sauce to second-person storytelling.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses within each POV will expand your toolbox of literary techniques and offer greater freedom to take risks you didn’t think possible within your writing. Be prepared to write, rewrite, and experiment in this class.

Course Outline
  • Session I
    • 20 min: Introductions
    • 20 min: Lecture
    • 25 min: Reading of POV examples: 1st close / 1st distant / 2nd person
    • 10 min: Break
    • 20 min: In-class writing prompt
    • 25 min: Discussion
  • Overnight Reading Assignment
    • First-person (distant) short story
    • First-person (close) short story
  • Session II
    • 40 min: Discussion of the overnight reading assignment
    • 25 min: Reading of POV examples: third-person close, third-person distant, third-person omniscient
    • 10 min: Break
    • 20 min: In-class writing prompt #2
    • 20 min: Breakout groups
    • 5 min: Wrap-up
  • Overnight Reading Assignment
    • Third-person (distant) short story
    • Third-person (close) short story
  • Session III
    • 40 min: Discussion of the overnight reading assignment
    • 20 min: In-class writing prompt
    • 10 min: Break
    • 20 min: Breakout groups
    • 30 min: Group reading and close
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Led by

  • kbush headshot - Keisha Bush

    Keisha Bush

    Keisha Bush

    Keisha Bush is the author of No Heaven For Good Boys, a New York Times Editors’ Choice, and the Scholastic children’s book My Family Tree. She has a business degree from Bentley University, an MFA in creative writing from The New School, and is currently pursuing a Master of Theology degree at Harvard Divinity School. She has received fellowships from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace Residency, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Moulin à Nef, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Vermont Studio Center. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Lion’s Roar magazine, Literary Hub, the Rumpus, and Electric Lit. She currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.