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Writing Workshops

The Invisible Art: Re-seeing Revision with Peter Ho Davies


2 Sessions

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Saturday & Sunday 1:00 pm EST - 4:00 pm EST September 10 to September 11, 2022

Online via Zoom

Meeting Dates:
Saturday & Sunday, 9/10 & 9/11
1–4pm ET, 2 Sessions via Zoom

Writers from Ernest Hemingway (“The only kind of writing is rewriting”) to Khaled Hosseini (“Writing for me is largely about rewriting”) to Joyce Carol Oates (“Most of my time writing is really re-writing”) have stressed the importance of revision. And yet, since all we usually have access to is the final draft of a published book or story, revision is something of an invisible art. In this seminar participants will try to draw it forth into the light by calling on examples from life, literature and even pop culture (from remakes to reboots to retcons), and exploring a range of strategies for how to re-see re-vision. This class is appropriate for any writer who’s ever balked at revision as a chore, or despaired of it as a Sisyphean task, or shuddered at the blood-thirsty idea of “killing your darlings.” Through examples, exercises and discussion, each session will reintroduce revision as a fun, inspiring, and vital activity.

Capacity: 20

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    Peter Ho Davies

    Peter Ho Davies

    Peter Ho Davies’s most recent books are the novel A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself and The Art of Revision: The Last Word, his first work of nonfiction. Other books include the novels, The Fortunes, winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Award, and the The Welsh Girl, longlisted for the Booker Prize, as well as two critically acclaimed collections of short stories. A recipient of the PEN/Malamud and PEN/Macmillan awards, his fiction has appeared in Harper’s, the Atlantic, the Paris Review, and Granta, and been anthologized in O. Henry Prize Stories and Best American Short Stories.