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Writing Workshops

KidsWriting Genre Workshops: Fall 2021

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Saturday, 11:30 am EST - 1:00 pm EST October 30, 2021

Online via Zoom

Designed for young writers, ages 9-12, these writing workshops will focus on fostering creativity in a fun, encouraging environment. Parents are encouraged to register for individual or multiple sessions based on their child’s interests!

10/9: Where the Wild Fears Are
In this workshop, we’ll explore how to create a foundation for your horror stories by using sensory details, pacing, and unique points of view. We’ll work from flash fiction to an entire scene. We’ll learn how words on a page can give you very real goosebumps!

10/16: Haunted History 101
Where and how are spooky urban legends born? In this workshop we’ll get creative with facts about our own neighborhoods & beyond, adding a new layer of mystery to the world around us!

10/23: Spooky Spells & Creepy Curses
Witches and wizards, unite! In this workshop we’ll learn about how to break ancient curses and other kinds of witchcraft as well as how to create our own enchantments. Wands and cauldrons encouraged.

10/30: Mummies, Androids, and Other Potential Enemies During Time Travel
By now we know a lot can go wrong in time travel–from encountering yourself to messing up the space-time continuum. But what could be worse than facing a mummy coming to life when you can’t call 9-1-1, or an android that knows more about the time travel machine you’re using than you do? Well, maybe if your GPS acts up and you get face-to-face with an unknown creature, or a legend everyone believes isn’t real…

Part of The Center for Fiction’s KidsRead program, which annually serves 2,500 students from under-resourced New York City Public Schools with author-led reading and writing events. 

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Led by

  • thais

    Thais Vitorelli

    Thais Vitorelli

    Thais Vitorelli (she/they) is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and educator from São Paulo, Brazil. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults from The New School, and sometimes experiments with poetry and autofiction. Her stories have been featured in The Inquisitive Eater, Share Literary Journal, Pitch Wars, and Coca-Cola Refreshing Films. To learn more, visit