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Across Genres and Beyond the Tropes: The Works of Victor LaValle with Marc L. Abbott


Three Sessions

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Three Sessions Sundays, 1:00 pm EDT - 2:30 pm EDT April 7 to May 26, 2024

Online via Zoom

Meeting Dates:
4/7, 5/5, 5/26
Online via Zoom

In this session we will look at the diverse work of award winning speculative fiction author Victor LaValle. LaValle’s work varies from horror, to urban fantasy to, most recently, westerns. We will explore the dark themes and plots of his work and compare the ways in which he approaches different genres and what makes his style and storytelling so dynamic.

Participants should read the Big Machine prior to the first meeting.

What to expect from this reading group: The class will be somewhat structured, with a mix of lecture and discussion guided by the particular interests and questions of the participants.


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