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The Art of the Short Story

The Art of the Short Story: Bojan Louis on Sinking Bell with Savannah Romero

November 9, 2022

As a part of our ongoing exploration and celebration of the craft and possibilities of the short story form, The Center for Fiction welcomed American Book Award winner Bojan Louis (Currents) to celebrate the launch of his gritty and searching fiction debut, Sinking Bell. Offering a forceful vision of contemporary Navajo life, the collection of stories depict violent collisions of love, cultures, and racism. With a poetic sensibility and kinetic, visceral language, Louis draws empathetic portraits of day laborers, metalheads, motel managers, aspiring writers and musicians, construction workers, and people passing through with the hope of something better somewhere else. His characters strain to temper predatory or self-destructive impulses; they raise families, choose families, and abandon families; they endeavor to end cycles of abuse and remake themselves anew. Louis was joined by writer Savannah Romero for a discussion of this immersive and indelible collection.


  • Louis, Bojan (Sara Sams) MAIN (1) - Eliana Cohen-Orth

    Bojan Louis

    Bojan Louis

    Bojan Louis is Diné of the Naakai dine’é, born for the Áshííhí. He is the author of a book of poetry, Currents, which received an American Book Award. He has been a resident at MacDowell. He teaches creative writing at the University of Arizona.

    Photo Credit: Sara Sams

  • Savannah

    Savannah Romero

    Savannah Romero

    Savannah Romero is an Eastern Shoshone storyteller, writer, poet, and educator. She lives in Lenapahoking, also known as Brooklyn, New York. Her poems explore the confluences of colonialism, capitalism, land-body relations, and memory. She is currently earning her MFA in Creative Writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts and working on her first novel.