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On America

On America: Writing and Reading the Environment

October 1, 2020 via Crowdcast

As the places and people most affected by the climate change crisis face existential threat, freeing environmental writing from the gaze of the “Lone Enraptured Male” (London Review of Books) is crucial. A panel of writers, journalists, and climate change activists will consider the formal, structural elements environmental writers can bring to storytelling, how to handle or tell stories that support political stances, and examine the stories out there that can foster a better understanding of our environmental crisis.

Featuring Kerri Arsenault, Meehan Crist, Bathsheba Demuth, John Freeman, Emily Raboteau, and Meera Subramanian.

Presented in collaboration with Orion Magazine and the National Book Critics Circle as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival’s Bookends series.

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Kerri Arsenault

Meehan Crist

Bathsheba Demuth

John Freeman

Emily Raboteau

Meera Subramanian