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Introducing… Gabriel Bump’s Everywhere You Don’t Belong with Kaitlyn Greenidge

February 6, 2020

Hilarious moments abruptly follow terrifying events in Gabriel Bump’s extraordinary debut Everywhere You Don’t Belong. It’s normal to cry and then laugh-out-loud while reading this book. Set in Chicago’s South Side, a young black Claude McKay Love, who is raised by his strong-willed and principled grandmother, is searching for a way out. Tired of the brutal gang violence, huge riots, and racist police corruption, he leaves home for a midwest college to shake his past and start fresh. But the people he meets won’t let him forget where he came from—and, he discovers, maybe he doesn’t really want to forget either.

Hot off a six-figure two-book deal, Bump’s highly anticipated coming-of-age novel “introduces an irreverent comic voice” (Kirkus Reviews). Author Kaitlyn Greenidge interviewed Bump on why he needed to write this story and who he wrote it for.