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Cristina García on Vanishing Maps with Ernesto Mestre-Reed

July 25, 2023

The Center for Fiction and the Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival welcomed playwright and author Cristina García (Monkey Hunting, The Aguero Sisters) for the launch of Vanishing Maps, a sequel to her debut novel, Dreaming in Cuban. Set twenty years after the events in Dreaming in Cuban, García’s new novel tracks four generations of the del Pino family against the tumultuous backdrops of Cuba, the U.S., Germany, and Russia. Cut off from their Cuban roots but still feeling the island’s pull, the family grapples with their histories over a momentous year before they meet in Berlin for an explosive reunion. García was joined by fellow Cuban author Ernesto Mestre-Reed (Sacrificio) for a discussion about the process of crafting complex characters and weaving together multigenerational narratives as well as the novel’s rich themes of family, devotion, and the timeless search for home.

In Conversation