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Writing Workshops

We strive to make our classes the most inviting and rewarding available, offering an intimate environment to study with award-winning, world-class writers. We keep our class sizes small, so each student benefits from personal attention from the instructor and gets workshopped at least twice during a course. We want students to feel that they’ve gotten a true person-to-person experience.

Each class is specially designed by the instructor, so whether you’re a fledgling writer or an MFA graduate polishing your novel, you’ll find a perfect fit here. Our brand-new, state of the art Brooklyn building allows us to offer four times the classes of our old space. Starting in 2016 we began offering one-day boot camps for students who can’t make the weekly commitment of a full course, or want to concentrate deeply on a specific aspect of craft. We have also been expanding our online courses, conducted fully in the digital realm via WetInk, so students who aren’t near New York can be a part of our community.

We can only offer full refunds if you cancel one week prior to the start of class. After that, before the start date of class, we can offer a 50% refund. We cannot refund day-of cancellations or refund or partially refund the fee once the class has begun.