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Sold Out: The Grapevine Thick Thighs Save Lives — A Conversation on Body Shaming


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Friday, 7:00 pm March 6, 2020

This event is sold out.

Join us for a live conversation of The Grapevine, a Millennial- and Gen Z-focused, panel-style talk show, hosted by creator Ashley Akunna. Make sure to stay for the reception in our bar featuring signature cocktails and a live DJ!

With the body positivity movement ushering a new, more relatable image of body types for women across all ages into the mainstream, the conversation of what is and isn’t healthy has also intensified. With stars like Lizzo reaching mainstream global success, is it time to start fully embracing women in all of their curvy glory? What role does race play in BMI and what we deem healthy and attractive? The Grapevine will be joined by body positivity influencers and health experts as they host a live town hall discussion at The Center for Fiction to delve into this conversation.

Bringing together personalities from the diaspora, the continent, and from many different walks of life, The Grapevine has become an authoritative voice when it comes to the Black perspective. Unlike any other digital talk platform, The Grapevine serves a global audience digitally and on the ground in countries like the US, UK and now South Africa, with exciting, culturally relevant, and globally trending conversations.

Every Thursday on Youtube, The Grapevine live premieres a new 45-60 minute episode with major influencers, thought leaders, and everyday people from all around the world to talk about the issues on your social media timeline.

Grapevine Still - Carla Cain-Walther


  • Ashley Akunna - Carla Cain-Walther

    Ashley Akunna

    Ashley Akunna

    Ashley Akunna is a filmmaker who also serves as the host and creator of The Grapevine, a talk show geared towards the black millennial and Gen Z perspective. Whether it’s discussing the Bill Cosby conviction, Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad or the diaspora wars between Africans and African Americans, The Grapevine is a panel style discussion by and for black millennials. The brainchild of Ashley Akunna, who serves as the show’s creator and host, the show aims to present the viewer with a variety of opinions from black artists, intellectuals and influencers proving that black thought is not a monolith. It’s vast, it’s opinionated, liberal, conservative and sometimes problematic.

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    Donovan Thompson

    Donovan Thompson

    Before finding his stride as a producer and public speaker, Donovan thought he was going to be the next Usher, honing his vocal skills and acting chops in his hometown of NYC. Well, he was wrong, he did not become the next R&B sensation, but his talents, whether in music or public speaking & content creation, have taken him from his Brooklyn streets to African cities.

    His focus now is to continue elevating the voices of Black Diasporic Millennials and Gen Zs by producing The Grapevine, the internet’s hottest debate talk-show, as well as his podcast, No Daze Off which hones in on deeper conversations around mental wealth and self-acceptance. His upcoming projects will showcase some of his other passions including music, script writing, and acting. Storytelling is a gift that he intends to share in hopes that it will activate people’s curiosity for life.