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This season, you can read long (Thackeray’s Vanity Fair) or short (Henry James’s stories). You can experience the wonders of Postmodern Fiction and the menace of Literary Crime Novels. Silenced Voices will unearth characters muted in earlier masterpieces. Other groups will explore the writings of David Foster Wallace, or tackle thematic connections in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction, Passing Strange, and the Literature of Sociopolitical Derangement.


The winter/spring schedule has something for everyone, so find your new reading group on the full list below: 

The Figure in the Carpet: The Short Stories of Henry James

led by Sheridan Hay

6-7:30 pm, April 13-May 11; Every Thursday; five sessions.

$125 members$150 nonmembers


The Literarians 

led by Sheridan Hay

12:15-1:30pm; The second Thursday of every month

Free to members of The Center for Fiction



The following classes are already in session. If you're interested in joining one of them please contact Jon Michaud at


Proust I

led by Anka Muhlstein 

6-7:30 pm Sept. 12, 2016-June, 2018; First or second Monday of the month; twenty sessions.

Full two years: $600 members, $700 nonmembers

First year: $350 members, $400 nonmembers

Fall 2016: $175 members, $200 nonmembers


CFA: Eight More Literary Crime Novels

led by David Gordon

6-7:30 pm, Jan. 23-May 1; Mondays; eight sessions.

$150 members$175 nonmembers

Writers Read Knausgaard

led by Roxana Robinson, Pamela Erens, Matthew Thomas, and Ed Park

6-7:30pm, Jan. 25-May; Wednesdays; five sessions

$175 members$200 nonmembers


What's Italian?: Literature and Sociopolitical Derangement

led by Antonio Romani

6-7:30 pm, Jan. 30-April 10; Every other Monday; six sessions.

$150 members$175 nonmembers


Postmodern Literature

led by Joshua Gaylord

6-7:30 pm, Jan. 30-April 24; Every other Monday; seven sessions.

$150 members$175 nonmembers


Passing Strange

led by Anne Fernald

6-7:30 pm, Feb. 8-March 22, Every other Wed.; four sessions.

$120 members$140 nonmembers


William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair

led by N. John Hall

6-7:30 pm, Feb. 14-May 9; Second Tuesday of the month; four sessions.

$120 members$140 nonmembers


David Foster Wallace’s Nonfiction and Short Fiction

led by William Mottolese

6-7:30 pm, Feb. 16-May 18; Third Thursday of the month; four sessions. 

$120 members$140 nonmembers


Silenced Voices

led by Sheila Kohler

6-7:30 pm, March 13-May 22; Mondays; six sessions.

$150 members$175 nonmembers

For more information, please contact Jon Michaud at