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In Conversation:
Tom McCarthy & Ben Marcus


Next Friday, April 3, join us for a conversation with Windham-Campbell Literature Prize-winner Tom McCarthy and Whiting Award-winner Ben Marcus, who will be discussing McCarthy’s new novel, Satin Island. EVENT DETAILS




New Books for Younger Readers

Column #22


In Celia McGee’s new Junior Edition, experience loss through the wonder and optimism of a child's eyes (Once a Shepherd), watch the classics come to life (The Island of Dr. Libris), learn what it means to be different but the same (This Side of Home), and discover a magical world with spells to be broken and dragons to be slain (The Buried Giant). READ MORE



Congrats to Nicole Haroutunian!


Nicole Haroutunian, who was the winner of our last Literarian short story contest, has a collection debuting today! If you just can't wait to read Speed Dreaming: Stories (Little A), check out Nicole's winning story, "Youse" here.



Liese Mayer, interviewed by Stefan Merrill Block


"Gearing up for the next edition of my workshop, I asked one of my regular guests to share some of her advice. Liese Mayer is an editor at Scribner, where she acquires both fiction and narrative non-fiction...." READ MORE



Terese Svoboda, interviewed by Tracy Young


Terese will be teaching "Focusing Your Fiction," a six-session workshop at The Center for Fiction starting March 31. Here’s what she has to say about writing, workshops and the expectation of miracles. READ MORE  



How to Read Like a Writer

by Gabriel Roth


"The first step in writing a novel is reading novels, is one of those truistic bits of canonical wisdom. Most would-be novelists are pleased to hear this because they already read novels. Hey, they think, I’m ahead of the curve! Ha ha ha if only." READ MORE  



Congrats to Leopoldine Core!


We are delighted that our former Emerging Writer Fellow Leopoldine Core has just won a Whiting award for her outstanding fiction! For more information on our Emerging Writers Fellowship program, click here.   



Otherworldly Book Picks


We've selected some of our favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels. If you are new to these genres we encourage you to dive in and enjoy one of these fantastic novels. READ MORE




New Books for Younger Readers

Column #21


In Celia McGee’s new Junior Edition, learn to let go (Farewell Floppy), go on a field trip that's out of this world (Willy Maykit in Space), see what happens when imagination and history meet (The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, No. 1: The Case of the Missing Moonstone), and discover the intimacy that can come out of tragedy (All the Bright Places).   READ MORE



Tiphanie Yanique
Talks to Noreen Tomassi


"Although I say it took me 11 years to write the novel, maybe it took longer. I've been hearing these stories my whole life, you know, the stories of my great grandfather who went down with his ship, and the story of my grandmother, whose siblings were left to figure out what it might mean to be a part of this family on their own...." READ MORE



On Writing Space

by Dina Nayeri


"I've been searching for a suitable writing space—a place that fits my mood, that feels sacred and creative and peaceful, that coaxes the words from my fingers—since the day I started calling myself a writer. Having decided to leave the business world to write professionally, the physical space I occupied suddenly seemed important...." Read More



Plot and Pacing
by Simon Van Booy


"For an author’s first book, I would suggest adhering to a basic plot structure, then deviating where and if it feels right. For example, a character’s life in its entirety, from birth to death, doesn’t matter. A novel is about a very specific time in history or in the history of a character. This is what happened at this point." READ MORE



Research Your Life
by Alexander Chee


"You know the least about your life precisely because, for living in it, you might barely notice it. You are from a place and you believe you know it, but your memories are not just unreliable, they are full of research holes. I returned to this lesson with my first novel, Edinburgh, for example, set partly in my home town, and inspired partly by events from my own life." READ MORE








If you are in NYC, visit our independent bookstore in The Center for Fiction building at 17 East 47th St. We carry a carefully curated selection of great fiction in our new books section, as well as used and rare books of every kind.



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