Author Picks: Transporting Fiction

by Hala Alyan


Planning your summer vacation? Hala Alyan, author of the new novel Salt Houses, recommends five books sure to take you to another place.


"As someone that writes about place, I am often drawn to literature and poetry that evokes a particular landscape, city or neighborhood. I love writing that takes setting seriously, treating it with as much respect as any character." read her book picks


Alyan will appear with her editor Lauren Wein of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to discuss her debut novel at the Center on May 3rd. RSVP here

The Best of Granta:

A Conversation with Sigrid Rausing


Sigrid Rausing is the editor of Granta magazine and the publisher of Granta Books, along with being a philanthropist, and an author in her own right. In advance of The Center for Fiction's event with the lauded magazine for their 2017 “Best of Young American Novelists” issue, our web editor Kristin Henley talked with Rausing about putting together the issue, the challenges of running the Granta empire, and what Rausing is reading now. read the interview


Don't miss seeing the next generation of talented American authors at our event with Granta on Friday, April 28th. RSVPs are a must for this popular event. 

Author Picks: Looking West

by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney


In this list of recommendations, L.A. transplant and author of the massive hit novel The Nest Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney writes about some of her favorite books that explore The Golden State.


"I love Los Angeles because it’s my present and my immediate future and because it’s a gorgeous mess of contradictions: a blossoming city built on the high desert always divining for water; a tinseled town hovering above deep fissures in the earth; a place where dreamers come to reinvent themselves and end up staying because life here is… nice." read her book picks 

The Model Short Story: 

On Edward P. Jones's "Bad Neighbors"

by Dana Johnson


Author Dana Johnson (In the Not Quite Dark) introduces legendary writer and Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward P. Jones's short story "Bad Neighbors" in our latest edition of The Model Short Story.

"This story is at turns poignant, devastating and political. It also happens to be a love story and a cautionary tale. Jones makes me laugh and makes me time travel while he’s teaching me so much. That’s a whole lot to get out of a short story." 

REAd more 

Some Things (and People) That Got Me Going On

A Little More Human

by Fiona Maazel


We asked author Fiona Maazel to give us a peek into the creative process for her latest book, A Little More HumanHere, she discusses some of the unusual inspirations for her novel including an aging athlete, a guilty pleasure TV show, and a whole country!


"Biology has never been an interest of mine. And certainly not neuroscience. And yet I started reading this book and quickly came across a section about a split-brain patient and an experiment that managed to elicit from each half of his brain feelings in conflict with the other. In gist: One half of this guy’s brain wanted to be a draftsman. The other wanted to be a race car driver. Needless to say, I completely freaked out..." READ NOW

The Book That Made Me a Reader

Christina Baker Kline on Laura Ingalls Wilder


In this new Book That Made Me a Reader, Christina Baker Kline, author of the runaway hit novel Orphan Train, discusses how Laura Ingalls Wilder's classic Little House in the Big Woods helped her during a difficult point in her childhood.


"I am grateful that she was able to convey the sights and smells and sounds of her pioneer childhood in a way that triggered the imagination of this lonely six-year-old girl, turning her into a passionate reader." READ MORE

Michael Knight’s Stories to Put in Your Pockets

by Jon Michaud


In this month's Book Drop, our head librarian Jon Michaud talks to Michael Knight about his new short story collection Eveningland. The two discuss the difference between writing short stories and novels, embracing the influence of other authors, and how a collection of stories by John Cheever inspired his book. 


"We enter this book of stories, which are mostly about the gilded, well-to-do citizens of Mobile, Alabama, looking for jewels, only to be smashed across the head. Knight’s fictions are elegantly written and easy to read but they pack a punch." read more 




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