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On Writing Space

by Dina Nayeri

On Writing Space

by Dina Nayeri

Tiphanie Yanique
Talks to Noreen Tomassi


"Although I say it took me 11 years to write the novel, maybe it took longer. I've been hearing these stories my whole life, you know, the stories of my great grandfather who went down with his ship, and the story of my grandmother, whose siblings were left to figure out what it might mean to be a part of this family on their own...." READ MORE



On Writing Space

by Dina Nayeri


"I've been searching for a suitable writing space—a place that fits my mood, that feels sacred and creative and peaceful, that coaxes the words from my fingers—since the day I started calling myself a writer. Having decided to leave the business world to write professionally, the physical space I occupied suddenly seemed important...." Read More



Plot and Pacing
by Simon Van Booy


"For an author’s first book, I would suggest adhering to a basic plot structure, then deviating where and if it feels right. For example, a character’s life in its entirety, from birth to death, doesn’t matter. A novel is about a very specific time in history or in the history of a character. This is what happened at this point." READ MORE



Research Your Life
by Alexander Chee


"You know the least about your life precisely because, for living in it, you might barely notice it. You are from a place and you believe you know it, but your memories are not just unreliable, they are full of research holes. I returned to this lesson with my first novel, Edinburgh, for example, set partly in my home town, and inspired partly by events from my own life." READ MORE



Tumbling Down a Hill in a House That is On Fire
by Duane Swierczynski 


"The best bit of that advice, and one I would take to heart as a novelist, is the idea of keeping your readers off kilter whenever possible. If they know what’s coming, there’s a good chance they’ll put down your book and move on to something else. So how to keep your readers off kilter?" READ MORE



The Truth About Writer’s Block 

by Dawn Raffel


I’ve never been a wake-up-at-five-in-the-morning-and-write-every-day kind of gal. I have nothing but admiration for people with that seat-of-the-pants-to-the-chair discipline, but that’s never been me....READ MORE



Join a Writing Workshop at The Center this Spring!


This spring, workshops will be led by Stefan Merrill BlockGabriel Roth,Terese SvobodaSimon Van Booy, Dawn Raffel, and Alexander Chee. Whether you’re a fledgling writer or an MFA graduate polishing your novel, you’ll find a perfect fit here. READ MORE




New Books for Younger Readers

Column #20


In Celia McGee’s new Junior Edition follow Victor and Violet, a worm lover and a book lover (Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book); a kidnapping in Cuba in 1961 (The Troubles of Johnny Cannon); a high-schooler living in an enchanted tourist destination (The Darkest Part of the Forest); and a man's long, restless hunt for his childhood bully (Whipping Boy).  READ MORE



Books We Love: Pretax Reading


It's that time of year again. 2014 has come and gone, and the inevitable tax filing awaits. Whether you're struggling with debt or basking in the luxuries of financial success, we are sure these books will resonate with you (and offer an excuse to put off doing your taxes). Read More



Congrats to Alison Gaylin!


We are thrilled that CFA Writing Workshop teacher Alison Gaylin has been nominated for a 2015 Edgar for Best Paperback Original for her novel, Stay With Me! Alison will be teaching a workshop starting this spring. For more information on our Crime Fiction Academy, click here



Remembering Robert Stone

by Roxana Robinson


When I first read Robert Stone’s work I was struck by the beauty of the sentences. That’s the way a writer reads, listening to cadence and rhythm and beauty, and that’s what first draws your respect and attention.... READ MORE



Curing What Ails You


As many of us know, it's hard to be a writer. Not only does it require incredible talent, but also confidence, self discipline, and perseverance. Here, writers offer advice on how to overcome procrastination, fear, failure, writers block, a terrible first draft, and more. READ MORE



Staff Picks: Evie Wyld's All The Birds, Singing


Our Awards and Programs Manager, Sara Batkie, reviews All The Birds, Singing, a chilling novel by Evie Wyld about a woman living on a remote sheep farm in Coastal England with her dog as her only companion. The novel recently won the Miles Franklin Award, Australia's highest literary honor. READ MORE 



Congratulations to Tiphanie Yanique


 Tiphanie Yanique is the winner of the 2014 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize for her debut novel, Land of Love and Drowning (Riverhead Books). READ MORE



Clips on Craft:

Writers Talk Writing at The Center


Check out these videos of authors discussing the craft of writing, featuring the advice of such creative minds as Megan Abbott, Christian Jungersen, Anita Shreve, Katy Simpson Smith, Michael Carroll, Alden Jones, and many more! WATCH HERE



Event Spotlight:

Richard Powers talks about Orfeo


Keenan McCracken of Music & Literature recently interviewed Richard Powers concerning Orfeo, Music, Science, Literature, and the intrinsic links that they all share. Says Powers, "I’m the kind of musician and the kind of listener who experiences music, if not as a language, than at least as an information-rich, linguistic phenomenon..." READ MORE










All of us at Crime Fiction Academy are sending thoughts for a speeding recovery to Ruth Rendell, who wowed the crowd at The Center For Fiction so recently, who was so forthright in her talk, so generous and witty, who is elegant and smart, and who, we hope, will soon be back to writing new novels that delve so deeply into the human psyche, that fascinate us and keep us turning the pages, who is simply one of the best writers around. Who said to me as I walked her to her car, "Thank you for taking such good care of me tonight." Ruth, we would surely take care of you if we could—and we are holding all good thoughts for you. 

- Jonathan Santlofer



If you are in NYC, visit our independent bookstore in The Center for Fiction building at 17 East 47th St. We carry a carefully curated selection of great fiction in our new books section, as well as used and rare books of every kind.



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