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The Art of War: Phil Klay and Jennifer Vanderbes

Recently, Phil Klay and Jennifer Vanderbes came to The Center to discuss their recent books, Redeployment and The Secret of Raven Point, and the overall topic of war literature. Watch video






New Books for Younger Readers

Column #6

Looking for new books for your young reader? The latest JUNIOR EDITION brings us beautifully illustrated Vienna in A Gift for Mama (ages 5-8), the countryside of England during WWII in Children of the King (ages 10-12), and the future of outer space in Tin Star (ages 12 and up). Read More





KidsRead: Carol Weston

Ava and Pip

In our latest KidsRead event, Carol Weston, author and Girls' Life columnist, talked to 85 students from The Young Women's Leadership School in the Bronx about life advice and her new book Ava and Pip, which teaches children to find their own voice. Watch Video





On Bernard Malamud

by Boris Fishman

On May 1, we will be hosting a celebration of the life and work of Bernard Malamud. Boris Fishman, debut novelist and the event organizer, gives an introduction to the event with this essay. "Bernard Malamud is the wrong writer for our age. Today’s young fiction writers live in an Age of Me: Memoirists in novelist clothing, we understand the world by understanding ourselves." Read More





On Lydia Davis

by Roxana Robinson

In honor of the publication of Lydia Davis's new collection Can't and Won't, Robinson discusses her love of the writer.

"I can't stand Lydia Davis, though, no, that's not quite it, it's that I can't stand Lydia Davis's work, though that's not quite it either, I can't stand reading Lydia Davis's work, because it's so relentless, so direct and intrusive, and it makes me so troubled and unhappy." Read More





Congratulations to Roxana Robinson

Winner of the 2014 James Webb Award

Roxana Robinson won the Marine Corps Foundation's 2014 James Webb Award for Distinguished Fiction for her novel Sparta. Robinson discussed Sparta at The Center in January, along with David Finkel's Thank You for Your Service, both of which deal with the ramifications of the Iraq War. Watch Now





Notes on Fiction:

Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm

In a recent event, the Washington Square Winds and Oracle Hysterical put on a lively and humorous musical and spoken word performance based on two fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Watch Video





The Most Important Words:

by Dawn Raffel

"What the editor is really looking for is presence on the page—a feeling that you, the author, are in control; that you have a deep respect for language and a well-made sentence, no matter how plain or ornate." Dawn Raffel will be giving more in-depth editing advice in her writing workshop, starting April 16. Read More





The Thirty-Year Novel

by Leora Skolkin-Smith

“Don’t describe moving the piano into the next room, how that happened and why, for God’s sake,” [Susan Sontag] said in an acerbic, impatient tone. “Just begin a new chapter with the piano already in the room.” Read More





Christopher Doheny Award Winner


Congratulations to Michelle Bailat-Jones, who won the 2013 Christopher Doheny Award for her novel Fog Island Mountains. In this novel, a South African expatriate living in a small town in Japan must face a terminal cancer diagnosis. His wife flees, trying to hide from the truth, and commits a grave infidelity. Read more





On the Search for Great Fiction
by Stefan Merrill Block


"And yet, with so many varied, vigorous, original voices, why is it just as rare as ever to find a book that gives the great pleasure, the up-all-night, life-eclipsing read?" Stefan Merrill Block discusses MFA programs and the value of entertainment in literature. Learn how to create an unputdownable story at his workshop starting March 11. READ MORE





Writing Dos and Don'ts
by Marie-Helene Bertino


"Don’t brag. Be nice. Anyone worth his or her salt talent-wise is humble and kind." Marie-Helene Bertino, tells you to stay positive, stay curious, and above all, keep writing. READ MORE





The Book That Made
Francine Prose a Reader


"The book that made me a reader was, to be honest, Fun with Dick and Jane. I can’t remember much about it. See Spot run, I guess. The point was that I learned to read at an early age, so that it became a sort of party trick, much admired by the grown-ups..." Francine Prose will be discussing her new novel with Rivka Galchen on May 21. READ MORE





How To Write a Novel:
The Short Version


Center for Fiction workshop leader Gabriel Roth explains it all for you: "You can use a new sheet of paper with three columns, or you can just mark the first sheet with three symbols, like maybe an asterisk and a pound sign and a smiley face"... READ MORE







Our writing instructors for Spring 2014 include Jessica Francis Kane, Terese Svoboda, Simon Van Booy, Victor LaValle, Dawn Raffel, Stefan Merrill Block, and Gabriel Roth.


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