Writing Workshops at The Center


Our writing workshop program—launched in 2013—has been a tremendous success and we are excited to continue the program, bringing you low-cost workshops led by celebrated and award-winning writers. 


We're thrilled to announce our roster for fall 2015. Don't miss your chance to work with such amazing authors as Rebecca Schiff, Tracy O'Neill, Teddy Wayne, Christine Schutt, Kathleen Alcott, and Ted Thompson, along with returning favorites Stefan Merrill Block and Gabriel Roth, in an intimate and inspirational setting. 


Each class is specially designed by the instructor, allowing us to offer an unparalleled variety of topics and focuses. Whether you’re a fledgling writer or an MFA graduate polishing your novel, you’ll find a perfect fit here. All workshops take place in the evening and starts are staggered throughout the season. 


For questions, please email sara@centerforfiction.org.


Fall 2015 Workshops

Stefan Merrill Block: The Story Laboratory
6:30 - 9pm, Thursday evenings, September 10 - October 15
$600 members$660 nonmembers


Rebecca Schiff: Making Every Line Count
6:30 - 9pm, Every other Tuesday, September 15 - November 24
$545 members; $600 nonmembers

Gabriel Roth: The Novel
6:30 - 9pm, Every other Thursday, September 24 - December 3
$545 members; $600 nonmembers


Tracy O'Neill: Fashioning the Voice in Fiction
6:30 - 9pm, Wednesday evenings, September 30 - November 4
$545 members; $600 nonmembers


Teddy Wayne: The Craft of Short Fiction
6:30 - 9pm, Tuesday evenings, October 13 - November 17
$545 members; $600 nonmembers


Christine Schutt: Hatch Fictions and Hone Skills
6:30 - 9pm, Thursday evenings, October 15 - November 19
$545 members; $600 nonmembers


Kathleen Alcott: The Choices We Make - Options in Fiction
6:30 - 9pm, Tuesday evenings, October 20 - November 24
$545 members; $600 nonmembers


Ted Thompson: Structure - Unearthing the Inherent Shape of Your Fiction
6:30 - 9pm, Monday evenings, November 9 - December 14
$545 members; $600 nonmembers





Writers on Writing


Looking for writing tips from experts in the field? We have a wealth of information for you from former Center for Fiction writing instructors and other critically acclaimed authors. Learn the art of writing from Fiona Maazel, Sheila Kohler, Gabriel Roth, Terese Svoboda, Stefan Merrill Block, Caroline Leavitt, John Madera, Roxana Robinson, John Wray, Dawn Raffel, and many more. 


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