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Youth Justice Network Book Drive


Powered by community-based donations and partnerships with local bookstores, Books to Jails brings books to young people in custody. Our youth members specifically request titles, or we tailor our selections to their interests and concerns, bringing access to the joy, comfort, knowledge, and escapism of books to those behind bars.

Funds will be used to buy and send books directly to young people in custody. We believe that these young people, like all teenagers, should have access to the books they want to read. Most young people held in custody on Rikers Island and at Horizon Juvenile Center are currently in pre-trial detention, meaning they have not been found guilty of a crime.

During the COVID-19 crisis, when programming, family visits, school, and other daily activities and movement are severely limited in City jails, the joy, knowledge, comfort, and escapism provided by books has never been more essential.

With your support, we will be able to purchase and send books that young people have specifically requested, or tailor selections to their interests and concerns.