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Well-Read Black Girl Festival Kickoff with Glory Edim and Staceyann Chin


Admission and $10 off at our bookstore

October 25, 2019 Friday, 7:00 pm

The Center for Fiction
15 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11217

Well-Read Black Girl welcomes world-renowned LGBTQ poet and spoken-word artist Staceyann Chin to the 3rd annual #WRBGFest kick-off party. Together we’ll celebrate Chin’s first full-length poetry collection. Crossfire collects Staceyann Chin’s empowering, feminist-LGBTQ-Caribbean, activist-driven poetry for the first time in a single book. According to the New York Times, Chin is “sassy, rageful and sometimes softly self-mocking.” The Advocate says that her poems, “combine hilarious one-liners with a refusal to conform” and notes “Chin is out to confront more than just the straight world.”

  • Guest Photo - Glory Edim

    Glory Edim

    Glory Edim

    Glory Edim is an enthusiastic reader and the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a nationwide book club and online community that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature and sisterhood. In fall 2017, she organized the first-ever Well-Read Black Girl Literary Festival – an annual festival multi-generational event that celebrates diverse voices and promotes cultural equity.  She received the 2017 Innovator’s Award from the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes for her work as a literacy advocate. Her first anthology, Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves, was published by Random House in 2018. She loves reading to children and lives in Brooklyn, New York.