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Bloomsday Celebration: Ulysses Giveaway


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Wednesday, 11:00 am EDT - 1:00 pm EDT June 16, 2021

The Center for Fiction Bookstore
15 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Bloomsday—June 16th—is among Ireland’s most celebrated contributions to the global cultural calendar. Set on a single day in a single city, James Joyce’s Ulysses is both the great Dublin novel and a universal work, encompassing all human life in a way no literary work had attempted before, and which few, if any, have matched since.

Although Bloomsday is a global celebration, few nations celebrate it with as much flair as the United States. This year, more than a dozen U.S. cities will mark the occasion with drama, readings, concerts and festivals, featuring an array of incredible artistic performers. A year out from the novel’s centennial, Ireland’s Embassy and Consulates across the U.S. are also collaborating with some of the nation’s best-loved independent bookstores, including The Center for Fiction, to gift Ulysses to readers across America.

Stop by The Center for Fiction Bookstore from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday, June 16th for a free copy of Ulysses and a limited edition bookmark while supplies last. We have 99 copies available to mark the 99th anniversary of the book’s publication!