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México Now: 68 Voices, 68 Hearts Screening and Q&A


Admission and $10 off at our bookstore

October 10, 2019 Thursday, 7:00 pm

The United Nations has declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. As part of this initiative, Celebrate Mexico Now Festival has partnered with the Center for Fiction for a panel discussion on the importance and challenges of translation as a critical need to revitalize, preserve, and promote innovative projects of indigenous languages. The conversation will include the screening of 68 voices, 68 hearts, a series of animated short films that retell indigenous stories in their native tongues.

This panel will feature filmmaker and creator of 68 voices, 68 hearts Gabriela Badillo; Américo Mendoza-Mori, Quechua and Spanish professor at the University of Pennsylvania; and Mirian Masaquiza, Social Affairs Officer at the Indigenous Peoples and Development Branch of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

This event is part of Celebrate México Now, a citywide festival of contemporary Mexican art and culture produced by CN Management.

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  • Mendoza_Mori_Americo-1ahgegw - Carla Cain-Walther

    Américo Mendoza–Mori

    Américo Mendoza–Mori

    Professor Américo Mendoza–Mori teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, where he designed the Quechua Language Program. His research on Andean Culture, Quechua language, and cultural policies has been featured at major institutions such as the United Nations and the national media. He was the Quechua Language and Culture consultant for the live-action movie “Dora and The Lost City of Gold” (Paramount Pictures, 2019).

  • Gabriela

    Gabriela Badillo

    Gabriela Badillo

    Gabriela Badillo is the creative director and co-founder of HOLA COMBO, a design and animation studio that believes in social responsibility as a means of communication. With over 13 years of experience, Badillo’s work has been recognized in several publications and festivals such as the New York Festival, the Mexican Film Academy and Quorum, among others.

  • mirian_masaquiza-2nsztrl - Carla Cain-Walther

    Mirian Masaquiza

    Mirian Masaquiza

    Mirian Masaquiza is Kichwa-Salasaka, from Ecuador. She has worked as an indigenous activist, a staff member of the United Nations, and a diplomat/advisor at the Government of Ecuador. Her efforts are mostly related to the rights of indigenous peoples as well as a range of issues such as gender, culture and education, climate change, and political analysis.

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