The Center for Fiction’s Council of Readers & Writers provides an opportunity to thank major donors for their generous support and draw them closer to the Center’s work and mission. Council members receive preferential invitations to the Center’s signature literary and public affairs events with writers, as well as to private author events.



One of New York’s oldest cultural organizations, The Center for Fiction was founded in 1820 and in the 19th century produced public events with many well-known writers, including William Thackeray, Edgar Allan Poe, and Frederick Douglass. Council members become a part of literary culture past, present, and future, helping to promote great literature, support writers, and create a place where readers and writers can share their passion for fiction and explore its profound influence on our society.



Harriet Beecher Stowe Members


Library Membership with Visionary level benefits


Gift of one specially selected book mailed to you each month


Invitation to an annual author event for Council members

Edgar Allan Poe



In addition to Harriet Beecher Stowe Member benefits:


Preferential seating at all public Center events


Invitations to private author parties


Signed set of books by each year’s First Novel Prize finalists

Frederick Douglass Members


In addition to Harriet Beecher Stowe and Edgar Allan Poe Member benefits:


Gift of three first editions signed by authors showcased at the Center


Inclusion in an honor plaque prominently displayed in the new Center for Fiction in Brooklyn, opening in 2018




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