Syntax/Synapse is a dynamic series that investigates the intersection of fiction and neuroscience. 


Neurological research shows that reading works of fiction and engaging in the act of storytelling improves brain function by flexing the imagination, sharpening reason, and expanding both intellectual horizons and our capacities for compassion and empathy. Through our lively events we aimed to deepen the burgeoning connections between the practitioners of fiction and neuroscience, and you can see videos of the programs here


Now we're also bringing you a series of commissioned essays by some of your favorite fiction writers who investigate the mind through their writing. These essays explore everything from how the brain physically reacts to literature to how fiction can predict future scientific discoveries to how neuroscience and writing aren't that different after all. You can view each essay by clicking on the author's name below or by clicking on the links in the bottom right column. We hope these essays will give you insight into your own reading experience.

Photos by: Redstone Photography (Liam Durcan); Michael Levy (Kristopher Jansma); Mark Hillringhouse (Jeffery Renard Allen); Roque Nonini (Erik Hoel) 

Syntax/Synapse is presented in partnership with YHouse


With support from the NEA