Lines of Resistance





Stronger by Way of Breaking or How to Handle the Failed Election

by Anna Dunn


In this personal essay, writer Anna Dunn reflects on her experiences before and after the election, and challenges each of us to 'see' one another while breaking out of traditional gender roles. Dunn first came to the Center through our Crime Fiction Academy. We hope you'll find her words as moving as we did. 








A Week After 11/9

by Anne Landsman


In this essay, novelist Anne Landsman talks about growing up during South Africa's apartheid, how her Jewish parents quietly fought xenophobia, and what Trump's election means to her.








The Donald = The Silvio?
by Dr. Stan Burnett

Stan Burnett can offer quite a bit of insight into the life and times of former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi because his career in diplomatic service brought him in close proximity to the controversial leader. Here, Burnett examines the surprising similarities and equally nerve-wracking differences between Berlusconi and our new president-elect. 







Morning After

by Roxana Robinson


In a new essay, author Roxana Robinson (Sparta, Cost) reflects on her experiences campaigning for the Democratic Party in the once flourishing community of Reading, PA, now the fifth poorest city in the country. 










About Lines of Resistance


In the wake of the election last fall, we felt the need to reach beyond fiction to process the new reality that blindsided so many voters. On the evening of November 9th we opened our doors and talked with the writers and readers in our community late into the night. Out of these discussions came the idea for our new series of essays, Lines of Resistance, which gives writers a forum to express their thoughts. Following each essay in the series you will find links that may be helpful. We are eager to present all points of views and foster lively discussion and thoughtful responses.