Editor's Letter: Style, Substance, Sparring

There's a wide variety of worldviews on display here—enough, I hope, for everyone to find something to love, to wrestle with, to learn from...READ MORE

The Book That Made Gary Shteyngart a Reader

"My name Igor Shteyngart. I refugant to Kew Gardens, Queens, nine years old...." Read More

Margaret Wrinkle, interviewed by Noreen Tomassi

Our Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize winner talks about writing through terror... READ MORE

The Devil and Gustave Flaubert

Tom Piazza responds to last issue's roundtable on the influence of Gordon Lish, and on matters of style, substance, and philosophy... Read More



Annunciation Mary Morris

"Maddy stands before a wall-size map of Italy. She’s staring at Tuscany while Joe shows her their intended route...."


Monkey Brains | Elysha Chang

"'Look, this is how a heart works. The right atrium receives blood from the legs and arms and pours it into the right ventricle. The right ventricle....'"


I Don't Know, Stop Asking Me Math Questions James Warner

"“Did you feel that?” my daughter asked. The table at which we sat playing chess was shaking as if covered with cell phones set to vibrate..."


She's Dying, He Said Marge Piercy

"I was what was then called a tomboy until halfway through my seventh year. I had always played with neighboring boys. I had little interest in school—being just average and paying little attention. Then I caught the German measles...."


Buffalo Glen Pourciau

"I’ve been looking without success for more regular work, but to make ends meet I earn money by watching houses for people on vacation. This one guy whose house I’ve been watching..."


Communion | Gregory Spatz

"This was in the between time, before I’d told either of my parents that I was no longer attending classes. The dropped due to non-attendance slips would not arrive in their mailbox until later..."

Watch It!



In this clip, Susan Minot reads from her critically acclaimed novel Thirty Girls.



The Book Business

An interview with Daniel Menaker about William Shawn's New Yorker, the inner sanctum of the fiction department, finding one's voice as a writer, and refusing to quit


Writers on Writing

An interview with Owen King on the long gestation of a first novel, managing expectations (no, it won't change your life), and thriving as a working writer

Reading the World

Sixteen great journals (with sample stories) from around the globe



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