The Best of Granta:

A Conversation with

Sigrid Rausing


Sigrid Rausing is the editor of Granta magazine and the publisher of Granta Books, along with being a philanthropist, and an author in her own right. In advance of The Center for Fiction's event with the lauded magazine for their 2017 “Best of Young American Novelists” issue, our web editor Kristin Henley talked with Rausing about putting together the issue, the challenges of running the Granta empire, and what Rausing is reading now. READ THE INTERVIEW


Don't miss seeing the next generation of talented American authors at our event with Granta on Friday, April 28thRSVPs are a must for this popular event. 


Six Questions for Marina Budhos


Marina Budhos will join us at the Center this spring for a KidsRead event to discuss her award-winning Watched, a novel set in Queens about survelliance, immigrants and the issues facing Muslims in America. In this interview, we sat down with Marina to talk with her about writing for teenagers and adults, seeing her book turned into theater, and what she loves to read.


"This is how I often work—balancing the part of my brain that is attuned to politics and larger forces with the other side of me that seeks the emotional core of a story." READ MORE




The Other Stories

The Center is pleased to let you know about a fantastic new podcast, The Other Stories. It's a podcast for new, emerging, and struggling writers. Each episode features a work of fiction read by the author set to an originallly composed soundtrack. Following the reading, host Ilana Masad interviews the writers about their fiction, their work, and their writing lives. 


Check out their new episode featuring Leah Mueller and her reading of
"The Other Side of the Cage."


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And check out our 2015 Emerging Writer Fellow t'ai freedom ford's book of poetry, how to get over. Available now for pre-order!