Finding Angela Carter:

An Interview with


Edmund Gordon 


In a new and insightful biography, The Invention of Angela Carter, author Edmund Gordon looks at the life of this often mythologized writer, while offering astute criticism of her many works. In this interview our web editor Kristin Henley talks to Gordon about the challenges of writing biography and taking on Carter's legacy. 

"She needed to be on the outside, looking in, and she never liked to be associated too closely with any movement or genre, whether it was radical feminism, the 1960s folk revival, or magical realism. She took pains to maintain an individual perspective on the world around her, and freedom was the value she cared most deeply about." READ THE INTERVIEW


The Best of Granta: A Conversation with Sigrid Rausing


Sigrid Rausing is the editor of Granta magazine and the publisher of Granta Books, along with being a philanthropist, and an author in her own right. In advance of The Center for Fiction's event with the lauded magazine for their 2017 “Best of Young American Novelists” issue, our web editor Kristin Henley talked with Rausing about putting together the issue, the challenges of running the Granta empire, and what Rausing is reading now. 


"I think there is astonishing new talent in America. The writing schools help, but also of course it’s such a big country with so many different traditions. We saw several different trends—there is a strong current interest in experimental fiction. Then there is the trend of autobiographical fiction, books that are often short, impressionistic, and intense. There are several ex-military writers, grappling with what they have seen and experienced. Then there are authors who are interested in writing about, and from, particular identies, ethnic and otherwise." READ THE INTERVIEW



The Other Stories

The Center is pleased to let you know about a fantastic new podcast, The Other Stories. It's a podcast for new, emerging, and struggling writers. Each episode features a work of fiction read by the author set to an originallly composed soundtrack. Following the reading, host Ilana Masad interviews the writers about their fiction, their work, and their writing lives. 


Check out their new episode featuring Chikodili Emelumadu and her reading "Soup."


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