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Spring 2017 Acquisitions


Spring 2017 is the season of the short story. The past few weeks have seen the release of new collections from masters of the form Richard Bausch and Richard Russo, as well as a new selection of stories, poems, and non-fiction by Grace Paley. Other books of stories we’ve recently added to the library include new collections by Joshua Ferris, Edie Meidav and Syrian writer Osama Alomar, whose short-short fictions have been hailed by Lydia Davis. Looking for something longer and more suspenseful? We have the latest novels by Paula Hawkins, Donna Leon, and Greg Iles, plus Howard Norman’s foray into noir, My Darling Detective. Longer still are major new biographies of William Faulkner, Robert Lowell, and Angela Carter. Our new non-fiction titles also feature family memoirs by beloved novelists Richard Ford and Dani Shapiro. Short or long, you’re sure to find something rewarding in this list.





Alomar, Osama The Teeth of the Comb and Other Stories

Bausch, Richard Living in the Weather of the World: Stories

Buntin, Julie Marlena

Core Leopoldine When Watched: Stories

Ferris, Joshua The Dinner Party and Other Stories

Grodstein, Lauren Our Short History

Maazel, Fiona A Little More Human

Meidav, Edie Kingdom of the Young: Stories

Murnane, Gerald Plains

Paley, Grace The Grace Paley Reader

Russo, Richard Trajectory: Stories

Strout, Elizabeth Anything Is Possible

VanderMeer. Jeff Borne

Yuknavitch, Lidia, The Book of Joan





Deaver, Jeffrey Burial Hour

Hämäläinen, Karo Cruel is the Night

Harper, Jane The Dry

Hawkins, Paula Into the Water

Higashino, Keigo The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping

Iles, Greg Mississippi Blood

Johnson, Jeremy Entropy in Bloom: Stories

Leon, Donna Earthly Remains

Norman, Howard My Darling Detective

Paretsky, Sara Fallout

Quirk, Matthew Dead Man Switch

Scottoline, Lisa Perfect Lie





Bleikasten, Andre William Faulkner: A Life Through Novels

Gordon, Edmund The Invention of Angela Carter

Ford, Richard Between Them: Remembering My Parents

Gaitskill, Mary Somebody with a Little Hammer

Jamison, Kay Redfield Robert Lowell: Setting the River on Fire

Shapiro, Dani Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage




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