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Essential Books for Writers


Our Essential Books for Writers list contains some of our favorite guides to writing. We know that there are many opinions on what makes great writing, and what works for one person may not work for the next. But we wanted to give you some options and inspiration on your path to whatever a successful life as a writer looks like to you. We hope you'll find your essential guide in our list. And check back—we will continue to add books as we come across new favorites.  READ





Think Outside the Book


Traditional writing guidebooks can be excellent tools for getting your fingers typing, but we also know that inspiration and guidance can come from unexpected sources. We've asked some of our favorite writers to share some of their uncommon guides to writing.  






Take a Page from Their Book


We challenged our spring writing instructors to come up with books to help new writers. From Patricia Highsmith to a classic of screenwriting, we're sure you'll find a book to inspire and guide your writing. And if you've never thought about writing something, you may find yourself picking up a pen or opening a word doc after reading our recommendations.   






Lifts: Wisdom from Our Elevator


If you've visited our building, you know that our elevator is filled with wise words from some of our favorite authors. Find your inspiration! 






The Writers' Group Manifesto


Novelist Katharine Davis gives practical advice on running a writers group in this essay. And why it can be a great thing for your work! 











Our Writing Tools page collects some of our practical posts to help you get your writing career off the ground. Here you'll find suggestions for books to help you, words of wisdom to inspire, and even advice on running a writing group. 


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