The Book Business

The Best of Granta:

A Conversation with Sigrid Rausing


Sigrid Rausing, editor of Granta magazine and the publisher of Granta Books, talks about putting together their “Best of Young American Novelists” issue, the challenges of running the Granta empire, and what she's reading now. read





Six Questions for Peter Blackstock


Peter Blackstock, senior editor at Grove Atlantic and curator of the 2017 Festival Neue Literatur, talks about this year's festival, getting American audiences to read translated books, and having passion for literature. READ MORE





"How has the advent of social media changed book reviewing?"


In advance of our event on September 15th, Expanding the World of Literary Criticism, we asked our panelists from the National Book Critics Circle to answer this question. READ MORE 





Six Questions for Cal Morgan


Cal Morgan, senior vice president and executive editor at Harper and editorial director at Harper Perennial, is the chairman of the board at The Center for Fiction. Here he talks about how books draw us in, his love of editing, and what he hopes to accomplish as Board Chair. READ MORE 






Liese Mayer

Interviewed by Stefan Merrill Block


Gearing up for the next edition of my workshop, I asked one of my regular guests to share some of her advice. Liese Mayer is an editor at Scribner, where she acquires both fiction and narrative non-fiction.... READ MORE



Daniel Menaker

Interviewed by Dawn Raffel


In his memoir, the acclaimed author and editor reflects on William Shawn's New Yorker, the inner sanctum of the fiction department, finding his voice as a writer, making his way in the world, and simply refusing to quit. READ MORE



Sterling Lord

Interviewed by Dawn Raffel


Sterling Lord met with me in his beautiful book-lined office at Sterling Lord Literistic to talk about his memoir, the thrill of discovery, the changing publishing scene, and the pleasures of reading a physical book. READ MORE





Don Katz

Interviewed by Dawn Raffel 


I spoke with Audible founder and CEO Don Katz about the rationale for the no-middleman-model, what authors need to know about audio, and the sea changes he’s seen in publishing since his years as a journalist.  Read more






Steve Almond

Interviewed by Dawn Raffel


Steve Almond likes to mix it up. The short story writer/novelist/journalist/ blogger/provocateur-at-large has engaged in intellectual pugilism with everything from our national chocolate obsession to rock and roll, to daddyhood to politics. I virtually caught up with Almond to ask about corporate publishing, indie publishing, self-publishing, and the wild blue yonder of 2020. Read more



I Miss Books Like I Miss My Bicycle

(Or, Riding a Horse With Hay Fever)

Clancy Martin


After the end of books I felt a sense of relief.  It was how the new clergy felt under Martin Luther when they realized that Latin lessons were going to be two hours shorter.  When I was six years old, my brother gave me Papillon to read and I waded through the 576-page autobiography—my favorite scene was when the leper throws his finger into the fire—thinking that it was a reasonable book for me to digest. READ MORE



So you Want to Start Your Own Micro-press?

Kevin Sampsell

I started my micro-press, Future Tense Books, back in 1990 and I honestly had no idea what I was doing for the first few years. The dawn of the Internet, along with more printing options, has made it easier to run a small press since then. Don’t let people tell you that small press publishing is a ghetto. Some of the authors I’ve worked with have gone on to major presses. Read more