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New Books by Past Fellows


We're so proud of all of our NYC Emerging Writers Fellows through the past years. 2018 is seeing a wave of new books by our Fellows that we'd like to share with you.


Dan Sheehan (Restless Souls) and Lexi Freiman (Inappropriation) both published their debuts. Rosalie Knecht's sophmore effort, Who Is Vera Kelly? came out in June. And Onnesha Roychoudhuri has a new nonfiction book, The Marginalized Majority: Claiming Our Power in a Post-Truth America. We hope you'll check out these books, and click here for more info on the program. 

Congratulations to our 2019 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows!


We are thrilled to announce this year's NYC Emerging Writers Fellows, chosen from over 500 applicants. Congratulations to Coryn BrownBryna Peebles Cofrin-ShawJonathan DurbinCally FiedorekCaroline K. FulfordNusrat HossainAlanna SchubachSarah Wang, and Jeri Ziegler. Each writer receives a grant of $5,000, the opportunity to work on a manuscript with a distinguished editor, the chance to read at public events at The Center, and more. GET TO KNOW THem

The Model Short Story: 

Josh Weil on "My Aeschylus” by Jim Shepard


 Josh Weil, author of the new collection The Age of Perpetual Light, shares one of his favorite stories—“My Aeschylus” by Jim Shepard—in this Model Short Story. Here, he discusses how short stories are mystical experiences and why Shepard's is so powerful.


"The best short stories are simultaneously the least understandable and most fully felt. They hits us with undeniable force, a concrete impact, but why they do, how they cause us such hurt or buoy us or knock us flat isn’t immediately clear. They operate like a kind of magic. They are mystical experiences." READ

Interviewing for Fiction

by Min Jin Lee


Who was your favorite teacher growing up? What do you like eating for breakfast? What do you do on an average Sunday? In this craft post, Min Jin Lee, author of the National Book Award shortlisted novel Pachinko, writes about the benefits of conducting "pointless" interviews to improve your fiction.


"If you are fortunate enough to spend time with strangers who will tell you very harmless facts about their lives, very often, you will be allowed to enter their intimate space as they remember their lives. I am not a smart journalist when I am interviewing my subjects; I am more like a curious old aunt who is just interested in getting to know you better." READ