Shelf Life

Shelf Life

by Megan Abbott

We asked the award-winning author of You Will Know Me and The Fever to show us a section of her bookshelf. 




I’m choosing this corner of my bookshelves because I organize my books by genre and this particular collision interested me—the place where Psychoanalysis/Gender Theory ends and True Crime begins. Or, as I like to think of it, where the two meet. In my head, you see, they’re always linked. I was drawn to both Freud and mass-market true crime at a young age, and in some subterranean way, I think my reading in each seems to inform my reading in the other. Most of the psychoanalytic books, especially the difficult-and-fascinating Lacan, date back to my graduate school days, but the True Crime supply is constantly being replenished. Both sets of books, as different as they may appear (heavy scholarly tomes vs. twisty tales of desire and revenge) deal with the dark corners of the mind, the prisons we build for ourselves, or that are imposed upon us. Both enable the reader (in this case, me) to peer behind the curtain. To mine the depths. And yet emerge wiser, somehow. Or so I hope!




Megan Abbott is the Edgar®-winning author of the novels Queenpin, The Song Is You, Die a Little, Bury Me Deep, The End of Everything, Dare Me, and The Fever, which was chosen as one of the Best Books of the Summer by the New York Times, People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly and one of the Best Books of the Year by Amazon, National Public Radio, the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times.


Her latest novel, You Will Know Me, came out in July, 2016. The New York Times says of You Will Know Me, "[Abbott] is in top form in this novel. She resumes her customary role of black cat, opaque and unblinking, filling her readers with queasy suspicion at every turn."