Shelf Life


Shelf Life: Sophie McManus


We asked the author of The Unfortunates to give us some insight into her disordered book collection and the importance of searching the shelves.  







Shelf Life: Jessie Chaffee 


We asked debut author Jessie Chaffee to share a section of her bookshelf with us. Here, Chaffee talks about the books that she used for inspiration and research for her novel Florence in Ecstasy, and what she plans on reading next.







Shelf Life: Laura Joh Rowland


We asked the bestselling author of the Sano Ichiro mystery series, Laura Joh Rowland, to share a snapshot of her bookshelf with us. Here, Rowland talks about a classic graphic novel, how she was inspired both in literature and in fashion by a nonfiction book, and what she's working on next.







Shelf Life: Alyssa Wong


We asked the Nebula Award-winning writer to share a section of her bookshelf. Here, Wong talks about moving her collection, the books that help her dive into her own history, and what she turns to for inspiration. 







Shelf Life: Sunil Yapa


The author of the debut novel Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist shares a section of his bookshelf that he turned to while writing the book. 









Shelf Life: Gordon McAlpine


We asked the Edgar Award-nominated author of Woman with a Blue Pencil to show us a section of his bookshelf. Here, McAlpine gives a lovely tribute to some of the mentors that shaped his early writing life. 






Shelf Life: Lily Tuck


The award-winning author of The Double Life of Liliane shows us a section of her bookshelf with some rare, but wonderful picks. READ MORE






Shelf Life: Jami Attenberg


The widely acclaimed author of Saint Mazie shows us a section of her bookshelf. Here, she talks about the stack of books—both fiction and nonfiction—that she used for research and inspiration for her novel. READ MORE









Shelf Life: Anna North


The New York Times editor and author of the novel The Life and Death of Sophie Stark shows us a section of her bookshelf. Find out which book North wouldn't let herself read until she finished her first novel. READ MORE










Shelf Life: Megan Abbott


We asked the Edgar Award-winning author of Dare Me and The Fever to show us a section of her bookshelf. Here, she talks about the place "where Psychoanalysis/Gender Theory ends and True Crime begins." READ MORE