Shelf Life


Shelf Life: Laura Joh Rowland


We asked the bestselling author of the Sano Ichiro mystery series, Laura Joh Rowland, to share a snapshot of her bookshelf with us. Here, Rowland talks about a classic graphic novel, how she was inspired both in literature and in fashion by a nonfiction book, and what she's working on next.







Shelf Life: Alyssa Wong


We asked the Nebula Award-winning writer to share a section of her bookshelf. Here, Wong talks about moving her collection, the books that help her dive into her own history, and what she turns to for inspiration. 







Shelf Life: Sunil Yapa


The author of the debut novel Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist shares a section of his bookshelf that he turned to while writing the book. 









Shelf Life: Gordon McAlpine


We asked the Edgar Award-nominated author of Woman with a Blue Pencil to show us a section of his bookshelf. Here, McAlpine gives a lovely tribute to some of the mentors that shaped his early writing life. 






Shelf Life: Lily Tuck


The award-winning author of the new novel The Double Life of Liliane shows us a section of her bookshelf with some rare, but wonderful picks. READ MORE






Shelf Life: Jami Attenberg


The widely acclaimed author of the new novel Saint Mazie (published this June) shows us a section of her bookshelf. Here, she talks about the stack of books—both fiction and nonfiction—that she used for research and inspiration for her new novel. READ MORE









Shelf Life: Anna North


The New York Times editor and author of the new novel The Life and Death of Sophie Stark shows us a section of her bookshelf. Find out which book North wouldn't let herself read until she finished her first novel. READ MORE










Shelf Life: Megan Abbott


We asked the Edgar Award-winning author of Dare Me and The Fever to show us a section of her bookshelf. Here, she talks about the place "where Psychoanalysis/Gender Theory ends and True Crime begins." READ MORE