Our Reading Groups, led by accomplished translators, scholars, and novelists, provide an opportunity for the study of great works of literature from the past as well as the classics of tomorrow!


What’s Italian: Italo Calvino and the City led by Antonio Romani

Anthony Tollope’s Doctor Thorne led by N. John Hall

D.H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow & Women in Love led by George Prochnik


Infinite Jest II led by William Mottolese


To My Confrere…Henry James and Constance Fenimore Woolson’s short tales led by Sheridan Hay


Reading Old Age (Muriel Spark, Penelope Lively, Donald Hall, Elizabeth Strout) led by Ann Burack-Weiss


Bruce Duffy’s The World as I Found It: Reimagining the Lives of Wittgenstein, Russell, and Moore led by Sasha Troyan




We know finding that next great read isn't easy, so we've been working hard at the Center to help you find the perfect book just for you! 


Over at our Book Recommendations page you can find lists of interesting and entertaining reads for your book club or for your own reading pleasure. 


Our new Author Picks section features recommendations from some of your favorite writers whether you're a mystery fan or you love historical fiction or you want to read about women behaving badly! 


Our Small Press Spotlight section features reviews, and excerpts from some under the radar titles. 


Junior Edition features reviews by book critic and arts writer Celia McGee guaranteed to get younger readers (or those young at heart) turning the pages.


Or if you're in New York City, we hope you'll stop by our bookstore or library where you can pick up a copy of the latest novel or a familiar classic. 


And if you're looking for a personal reading list we hope you'll consider a little bibliotherapy with our Novel Approach program. 


We hope we've made it fun and a little easier to find your next favorite book!


Interview: andPlay on their
Notes on Fiction Concert


On February 11, violin-viola duo andPlay will perform a concert inspired by The Borrowers for our Notes on Fiction series. Their concert will feature contemporary classical music by young, up-and-coming composers. Our series curator, Sugar Vendil, sat down with andPlay to talk music, books, and snacks!





New Work from the CFF Community


We're pleased to share with you new work from our students, teachers, Writers' Studio members, and Writing Fellows. Over on our Stories page you'll find links to a wide variety of publications including news about new books from teacher and Writers' Studio member Terese Svoboda! We hope you enjoy! 





Shelf Life: Gordon McAlpine


We asked the Edgar Award-nominated author of Woman with a Blue Pencil to show us a section of his bookshelf. Here, McAlpine gives a lovely tribute to some of the mentors that shaped his early writing life. 


"I am fortunate to live in a house with many full bookshelves, which I believe serve as the hippocampus of a home, transferring short term memory into the long term (of course, photographs do this as well)." READ MORE 





The Book That Made Me a Reader 
James Hannaham on 
The Phantom Tollbooth


The author of Delicious Foods recalls how his independent nine-year-old self was drawn to Norton Juster's classic, The Phantom Tollbooth, in our latest installment of The Book That Made Me a Reader.


"When I read The Phantom Tollbooth, at approximately age nine or so, it had some kind of bizarre cathartic effect on me." READ MORE 





The End of the Story


Over at Slate, critic Laura Miller discusses three writers who take on the issues around old age, including our reading group leader Ann Burack-Weiss. Burack-Weiss, author of The Lioness in Winter: Writing an Old Woman’s Life, will lead our group Reading Old Age: Muriel Spark, Penelope Lively, Donald Hall, Elizabeth Strout. Click here to find out more information about the group and to enroll. 






Moby-Dick and In the Heart of the Sea by Sheridan Hay


Sheridan Hay takes a look at the connections between Herman Melville's Moby-Dick and Nathaniel Philbrick's In the Heart of the Sea in this new post. The story of the Essex certainly influenced Melville, but in turning truth into fiction did Melville also embellish his own history?  







Junior Edition: New Books for Younger Readers | #28

by Celia McGee


Check out our monthly review column of books for young readers (or those young at heart), by book critic and arts writer Celia McGee. Junior Edition features new releases to help get the next generation of readers turning those pages. This month's column features reviews of Ninja BabyKiki and JacquesThe Beast of Cretacea(a take on Moby Dick for all you fans of the white whale), and The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen. READ NOW 





The Other Stories

We're pleased to let you know about a fantastic new podcast, The Other Stories, featuring new, emerging, and struggling writers. Each episode includes a story read by the author followed by an interview with host Ilana Masad.


We'll be updating our Stories section every week with links to their new podcasts. We hope you'll enjoy it! 










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