We know finding that next great read isn't easy, so we've been working hard at the Center to help you find the perfect book just for you! 


Over at our Book Recommendations page you can find lists of interesting and entertaining reads for your book club or for your own reading pleasure. 


Our new Author Picks section features recommendations from some of your favorite writers whether you're a mystery fan or you love historical fiction or you want to read about women behaving badly! 


Our Small Press Spotlight section features reviews, and excerpts from some under the radar titles. 


Or if you're in New York City, we hope you'll stop by our bookstore or library where you can pick up a copy of the latest novel or a familiar classic. 


And if you're looking for a personal reading list we hope you'll consider a little bibliotherapy with our Novel Approach program. 


We hope we've made it fun and a little easier to find your next favorite book!



A Novel Approach


More Magazine writes, "In quaint headquarters, tucked among the blank towers of midtown Manhattan, the Center for Fiction feels like somewhere you'd be more likely to run ito Bartleby the Scrivener than your therapist—unless she's a "bibliotherapist" like Noreen Tomassi, the center's executive director, who manages a service called A Novel Approach. For $125, Tomassi will handpick 12 books, basing her choices on a 45-minute phone call, an e-mail exchange or, preferably, a face-to-face session with you..."READ MORE


For more on bibliotherapy or to schedule a session, please CLICK HERE


Reading Group:

Herman Melville's Moby Dick


Join author Sheridan Hay for our annual fall reading group of Herman Melville's classic tale. The group is a perfect introduction for those of you who have always wanted to read this masterpiece, but were too afraid to go it alone, or for the die-hard fan that's made it onto The Pequod already. 


Click here for more information on the reading group and to sign up. Classes begin January 5th! 






New Event: Benjamin Taylor & Claudia Roth Pierpont


The acclaimed authors will come together on December 1st to discuss Taylor's new book, Proust: The Search. Click here for more information on the event and to RSVP. 





The Other Stories

We're pleased to let you know about a fantastic new podcast, The Other Stories, featuring new, emerging, and struggling writers. Each episode includes a story read by the author followed by an interview with host Ilana Masad.


We'll be updating our Stories section every week with links to their new podcasts. We hope you'll enjoy it! 





Small Press Spotlight:

An excerpt from The Long Fire

by Meghan Tifft


"At the beach, while we played in the waves, she looked down on us from a rusting deck chair and wept. We always knew if she took us there that we had done something bad, and since we didn’t know what it was, the day often unfolded around the mystery of what deviant act we had committed to make her willing to sacrifice us to the worst peril she could imagine...." Read more





Gavin McCrea: Book List


Debut author Gavin McCrea challenges the notion of 'historical fiction' in this fascinating list of recommended reading. 








Amitav Ghosh: Book List


In this new post, the author of Sea of Poppies chooses some of his favorite modern books from Arabic literature. 













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