About the Proust Society of America


Founded in 1997 by then Center director Harold Augenbraum, the Society's mission is to encourage the reading, study and enjoyment of the work of Marcel Proust. The Society presents lectures for the public and hosts discussion groups on his work. 

About the Proust Reading Groups


The Center frequently hosts a variety of groups to read, study and discuss Proust's masterpiece, À la recherche du temps perdu. Our close study reading groups of In Search of Lost Time, Proust I and II, have just finished. If you'd like more information on those groups please contact jon@centerforfiction.org


For Fall 2015, we're offering the group Proust and Ancient Cultures led by Anka Muhlstein. For more information on the course and to sign up please click here


2013 Shattuck Conference with Anka Muhlstein, Benjamin Taylor, Caroline Weber, Hollie Harder, Harold Augenbraum, Robyn Creswell and Abigail Deutsch 

2013 Rewriting Proust with Elyane Dezon-Jones, Charles Dantzig, Daniel Levin Becker, and Alexander Aciman

2013 Marcel Proust: The Collected Poems with Harold Augenbraum and Adam Kirsch 

2012 Anka Muhlstein: Monsieur Proust's Library

2011 Damion Searls, "Proust Reading Ruskin"

2010 Anka Muhlstein, "A Closer Look at Baron de Charlus"

2010 Louis Begley, "Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters"

2009 Eric Karpeles, "Paintings in Proust"

2007 Evelyne Bloch-Dano on Madame Proust

2006 Richard Howard

2006 Joan T. Rosasco "Proust's Wager"

2004 Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, "The Weather in Proust"            

2003 Lydia Davis, "Hammers and Hoofbeats: Rhythm and Structure in the Sentences of Swann's Way"

2002 Roger Shattuck, "Snobbery and Slumming in Proust's Novel"

2001 The Marcel Proust Film Festival and Panel Discussion

2000 William C. Carter, "The Vast Structure of Recollection: From Life to Literature"

1999 Andre Aciman, "The Proustian Stroke"




Paintings in Proust Madame Proust

Marcel Proust:
In Pictures and Documents

 Edition Olms, 2013

Proust’s Latin Americans

 Ruben Gallo, 2014

Understanding Marcel Proust

 Allen Thiher, 2013


Proust in Love

Mirages and Mad Beliefs:
Proust the Skeptic

Christopher Prendergast, 2013

Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust

 Edited and annotated by
William C. Carter, 2013

 Monsieur Proust's Library

 by Anka Muhlstein

Proust's Overcoat

Reviewed by Sheridan Hay


Like a character gone missing from a W.G. Sebald novel – which is to say an invention more compelling than life ever offers – an enigmatic collector is at the center of Proust’s Overcoat by Italian journalist, Lorenza Foschini. READ MORE




Beyond Elstir

Dr Stan Burnett

There is a serious connection between Proust and Cézanne and their relation to colleagues in their arts, a connection that is not just some anecdotal coincidence, but a significant parallel...  Read more



Talking to Marcel

Anne Landsman

He seemed the epitome of male prerogative and privilege: the world turning around the small movements of his hand on the page. He’d become a trope for the writer I wouldn’t be.  Read more