About KidsRead


About KidsRead


Each year, KidsRead invites over 400 New York City public school students to The Center for Fiction to meet the children's and young adult writers they have been reading in class. Our goal is to help students gain not only proficiency but a passion for books, and our method is personalization of the reading experience, exposing children at an age where they are particularly responsive to role models.


We work with teachers and school administrators to develop discussion questions and incorporate KidsRead writers into their curriculum. We provide students with books by these authors for free, both for their school libraries and the students to keep. We keep the events small, with a maximum of 80 students per event, so that all kids have time to ask questions, get their book signed, and have a personal interaction with the writer. We do all of this at no cost to schools or students.


Interested in participating in our KidsRead events?


Throughout the school year, The Center for Fiction brings in children's and YA authors like Sofia Quintero, Daniel José Older, Jacqueline Woodson, and Coe Booth to speak with classes of NYC students. Authors talk about their books, how they became avid readers and writers, and about the life of a professional writer. Students have an opportunity to ask questions and to truly engage with the author. Often, writing exercises are a part of the experience. We work with the publisher to provide free copies of the books in advance to students, so that the reading is integrated into the classroom curriculum either before or following the event. Our goal is to engender a love of reading and writing in students. For many students, the signed book they take away from the event marks the beginning of a cherished home library and a lifelong love affair with books. 


We'll be hosting events with the following authors in October & November 2017: 


Gae Polisner (The Memory of Things)

Sheela Chari (Finding Mighty) 

Una LaMarche (Like No Other

Rita Williams-Garcia (Clayon Byrd Goes Underground) 

Sarah Porter (Vassa in the Night

Rafi Mittlefehldt (It Looks Like This

Sonia Manzano (The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano)

Rhoda Belleza (Empress of a Thousand Skies


In addition to our regular KidsRead events, we'll also be hosting a few events for children and teens as part of our Syntax/Synapse program in the fall. The books featured in this program specifically deal with mental health issues and neuroatypicality. The authors that will be joining us are: 
 Jennifer Roy
 Corey Ann Haydu
 Kate Scelsa
 Lyn Miller-Lachmann 


To participate in a KidsRead event, please call (212) 755-6710 or email Kristin Henley at kristin@centerforfiction.org. We'll tell you about upcoming events and keep you informed about events in the future.


For photos and videos from past KidsRead events, visit our KidsRead event archive.