Author Gae Polisner discussed her new book, The Pull of Gravity, with 12 year-old students on October 29th, 2012 at the Center for Fiction!


The Pull of Gravity
The Pull of Gravity examines teenager Nick Gardner’s coming-of-age journey as his family is falling apart and his best friend, the Scoot, is dying from a freak disease. During this turbulent time in his life Nick meets Jaycee, a quirky girl, and the two set off on a secret, whirlwind journey to find the father the Scoot has never known. Nick and Jaycee go on to discover friendship, first love, and the true nature of family through an adventurous road-trip in this captivating young adult novel.




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Meet Gae



Q. How has being a family law attorney impacted your writing? And what gave you the push to start writing and trying to be published when you already had this extremely demanding job?


A. When I first started writing, I didnt think my "day job" impacted my writing at all, until I suddenly noticed that all my manuscripts seemed to eventually center on a broken or troubled relationship between the parents, and how it effects and changes the kids and the family dynamic. And, then I was like, "well, duh!"

I do think that there is no such thing as a perfect family—or a perfectly happy family—or parents with a perfect relationship. Life can be hard. Marriage is hard, because long-term relationships are hard. Period. They just are. Parents work to do their best by their children, but they are also individuals, with their own hopes, dreams, desires, and failures. I get to see that play out (and fall apart) in my office all the time (not to mention experience it in my own life at times ;)), so I guess it makes sense that it winds up in my fiction.


Q. Why did you decide to use Of Mice and Men in your book?


A. It may have been a lofty desire, but when I set out to write The Pull of Gravity, I really hoped to write a book that could be a classic -- that would transcend trends and fads, and have staying power on shelves. I started thinking about what makes classic fiction, well, classic, and it came to me to try to actually tie in a piece of classic fiction to my book. I knew I wanted TPoG to be a basic story about friendship, and what better book to look to about friendship than Of Mice and Men?  


Q. What’s your favorite part of The Pull of Gravity?  


A. I think my three favorite parts are 1) the fight-spoon scene between Nick & Jeremy, 2) the fight Nick & Jaycee have in the hotel room (when Nick stares at the ceiling) and 3) the scene with the wax lips. . .  



Q. Favorite character?  


A. Oh, man, you're not going to make me pick between Nick, Jaycee and the Scoot!?! :)



Q. If you had a chance to magically change something in the novel, what (if anything) would it be?


A. I've never been completely content with the bus break-down scene.



Q. What YA books (besides your own!) do you recommend, especially for preteens/teens who may be reluctant readers?  


A. Middle Grade: A Wrinkle In Time (classic); anything by Dan Gutman (for sports oriented boys); and The Liberation of Gabriel King. Oh, man, and Wonder. Do NOT miss Wonder. Young Adult: Stupid Fast, Marcelo in the Real World, anything by A.S. King, but definitely Everybody Sees the Ants. Those are just a few. There are AMAZING books out there these days. Wish I could get through them quicker!



Gae Polisner


Gae Polisner is a lawyer and a writer of women’s and young adult fiction. Polisner’s first piece of women’s fiction, The Jetty, was a Top Semifinalist in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. The author is currently working on her next two YA novels while practicing family law.