Author Adam Gidwitz was at the Center for Fiction on April 5th, 2013 to discuss his YA novels In a Glass Grimmly and A Tale Dark and Grimm!


In a Glass Grimmly is the tale of two children: a boy named Jack, and a girl named Jill. Yes, they do fall down a hill. And yes, Jack does break his head wide open. But there is more than that. There is a beanstalk. There are giants. There might even be a mermaid or two. This story is terrifying. It is revolting. It is horrible. It is the most horrible fairy tale I have ever heard. Also, it is beautiful. Not sweet. Not cute. Beautiful—like the gray and golden ashes in a fireplace. Or like the deep russet of a drying stain of blood. And, best of all, it is true.
Reader, beware! Warlocks with dark spells, hunters with deadly aim, and bakers with ovens retro-fitted for baking children lurk within the pages of A Tale Dark and Grimm. In this mischievous and utterly original debut, Hansel and Gretel walk out of their own story and into eight other classic Grimm-inspired tales. As readers follow the siblings through a forest brimming with menacing foes, they learn the true story behind (and beyond) the bread crumbs, edible houses, and outwitted witches. Fairy tales have never been more irreverent or subversive as Hansel and Gretel learn to take charge of their destinies and become the clever architects of their own happily ever after.





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Adam Gidwitz went to college at Columbia and thought about majoring in religion, and then in philosophy, but ultimately chose English literature. After graduating, he stayed in New York and took a job in a second grade classroom at Saint Ann's School, in Brooklyn. He now teaches second grade, fifth grade, and high school, writing half the time and teaching the other half.