Book Recommendations

Stories You'll Love

For your reading pleasure, we suggest four new short story collections by masters of the form



Dear Life

 by Alice Munro


Munro's stories work many magic tricks. Among them: She writes with an acute sense of place (small-town Canada) not often found in contemporary writing and yet transcends location altogether, and she renders ordinary lives in a manner that makes them extraordinarily compelling. For a literary collection to have a first printing of 100,000 speaks volumes.





Swim For The Little One First 

 by Noy Holland


If you're lucky, you've read Holland's previous collections, The Spectacle of the Body and What Begins With BirdHolland is one of the most powerful prose stylists working, and she's unusually wise to the sorrows and consolations of being alive.






The News From Spain: Seven Variations on a Love Story  

by Joan Wickersham


The stories in this brilliantly constructed collection share the same title; they also share almost uncanny insight into the complications of grownup love.  






Fires of Our Chosing

 by Eugene Cross


The darkly funny, razor-sharp stories in Cross's debut are hard to shake. These are beautiful, daring narratives, and they're also page-turners.