Book Recommendations


Francophone February 

To celebrate our French-speaking frères, here’s a list of some of the latest livres in translation (and okay, we cheated with one written in English). 






What Does It Mean to Be an American?


Feeling a bit lost after recent events? Fiction has come to the rescue! Our bookshop window, curated by our library assistant Kris Santos, displays a collection of fiction that reminds us of the true American identity—a melting pot of cultures, races, belief systems, sexual orientations, and more. Click through to read about Kris's process in selecting these fantastic books and to see the list.







Unnatural Environments


With weather maps of the country blazing in the orange and red of high temperatures, California's drought still lingering, and massive earthquakes predicted, we’re feeling a little bit, ummm, nervous these days. Instead of hiding, we’ve become fascinated by this trend in fiction, called climate fiction or cli-fi. Here are a few novels that look at what happens when we don’t take care of our environment. Maybe we’ll even learn some survival tips….







Our Favorite Movies About Writers


Not even we here at The Center for Fiction can read books all the time. Sometimes we take a break and put on a movie, BUT of course we only watch movies about writers. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite films featuring brooding authors of all sorts. read





Five Books on Horrendous Breakups


Even the most amicable of breakups are no fun. So to celebrate singlehood we've put together this list of awful separations. There are plenty of beheadings on our list to make you realize, it could always be worse! 








Eight Books to Escape the Cold


When the winter blues set in, we love reading that transports you to another world (maybe a sunnier, more tropical world). Here are some great books that paint exquisite pictures of faraway lands to help you forget dropping temperatures and dreary forecasts.








Books Not to Give Dad on Father's Day 


Okay, okay this may not be the most helpful list for Father’s Day, but you know you’re just going to get him a tie anyway (#classicdadgift). From The Vegetarian to The Shining, this list features books we love, but they probably aren't the best gifts for your pop. 


read our list








Non-Beach Reads


Now that the weather has turned a little cooler, we offer you this little taste of summer to give you at least a mental vacation while you're at your desk. Hope this helps get you through until next summer! 








Otherworldly Book Picks


We've selected some of our favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels. If you are new to these genres we encourage you to dive in and enjoy one of these fantastic novels.   












Pretax Reading


Whether you're struggling with debt or basking in the luxuries of financial success, we are sure these books will resonate with you and make you up for the task of doing your taxes before next April 15th! 













Four Novels to Read Before You're Twenty


We asked our intern, Delia, to recommend books for high-schoolers. Check out her suggestions of classic and contemporary novels for the (slightly) younger reader.
























4 Great Books About The Artist in New York


Reading around a theme is one of a bibliophile's great pleasures. Here's a powerful foursome on art, selected by The Center for Fiction's Executive Director.









Five Great Books About Women in New York


The Center for Fiction's Executive Director recommends five works of fiction that look at the unique relationships that women have with New York City. 













What Are You Drinking With That Book?


'Tis the season to lift a glass and crack a tome. These 100-proof gift ideas from Daniel Reid are guaranteed to pack a one-two punch. 














Favorite Coming of Age Novels


We asked the Center's readers to tell us their favorite coming-of-age stories. They're not all novels, but they all fit the bill!














Stories You'll Love


For your reading pleasure, we suggest four new short story collections by masters of the form.









Essential Halloween Reading


For your seasonal reading pleasure, we suggest 13 works that embrace the supernatural.













Reading The World


These six books in translation are our picks for a literary trip around the world; from China to Egypt to The Netherlands, and more!














Latin American Novels


In this series, we've avoided Fuentes, Garcia Márquez, Vargas Llosa, and the other usual suspects that you probably already read and instead selected books by four great Latin American writers that deserve to be much better known. 














Harlem Voices


The Harlem Renaissance produced some of America's greatest writers, artists, and musicians and its rich legacy continues to intrigue both readers and writers. On this list, we include some of the great writers of that period as well as some contemporary writers whose work both evokes and carries on that tradition.














East Asian Novels


We've selected four beautiful novels from Vietnam, China, Japan, and Korea. Enjoy these exquisite, thought-provoking translations!
















The Center for Fiction Gift Guide


Whatever holiday is coming up-- Valentine's, Christmas, or Arbor Day-- it's always important to have the perfect gift for those picky people in your life. That's why we're happy to help you out with the definitive Center for Fiction Gift Guide. This exhaustive list of books for all the weirdly specific people in your life will take the stress out of giving. Plus, we think it's funny. 








Our Second Annual Center for Fiction Gift Guide

(now with gifs!)


Okay, it's been a tough year so we're presenting this gift guide to bring a little laughter into your day (we hope!) And our book recommendations are actually good so we hope you'll find something for that weirdly specific person in your life!