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Author Picks


In honor of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday on January 19th we asked master horror writer Peter Straub (and editor of the anthology Poe's Children: The New Horror) to share five authors who he sees as the heirs to Poe's writing. Poe himself used to write at the Center at our location near Beekman and Nassau (we've been helping writers for a looooooong time!) and if you'd like to read a Poe classic head over to our fiction section to read "The Black Cat". 



Kelly Link


Kelly is a great fountainhead of new approaches and new revisionings of genre situations and materials. She exerted an influence over both younger and older writers from her first collection. “The Stone Animals” in Magic for Beginners is a stunning demonstration that one can be deeply playful and stone cold serious at the same time.




John Langan


John Langan is a writer of superb literary horror. Both House of Windows and The Fisherman are dark and unsettling contemporary masterpieces.




Laird Barron

Laird’s work epitomizes serious new horror, both utterly straightforward about its impulses and completely serious in its affect. In his mid-forties, Barron is a favorite writer for many, whose work has just begun to appear. I particularly like his early collection, Occulation.




Gemma Files

One of the younger Canadians doing brilliant work in the Gothic vineyards, Gemma recently published Experimental Film, a wildly impressive novel about what can be hidden at the heart of the overlooked and ignored.




Brian Evenson

A real original author of fiction of astonishing bleakness, Brian is equally celebrated by both the genre and mainstream communities. His latest collection, A Collapse of Horses, is likely to win a hatful of prizes. 







Peter Straub is the New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen novels, most recently A Dark MatterIn the Night Room and Lost Boy, Lost Girl are winners of the Bram Stoker Award, as is his collection 5 Stories. Straub is the editor of numerous anthologies, including the two-volume The American Fantastic Tale from the Library of America. He lives in Brooklyn.


His story collection Interior Darkness was published last year and will be out in paperback in February. 










Interior Darkness



Poe's Children



Magic for Beginners



House of Windows


The Fisherman






Experimental Film 



A Collapse of Horses