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At a crossroads? Getting married or having an affair, moving abroad, changing jobs or having a child? Get insight from great literature on life’s big moments. The Center for Fiction will handcraft a year’s worth of reading for you or your loved one based on a 45-minute personal consultation (in person or over the phone). And even if you don’t plan on having a big year, we can still help select books that will be perfect for wherever you are right now!


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Junior Edition: New Fiction for Younger Readers #42

by Celia McGee


Celia McGee recommends four books for children and young adults (and the teen in all of us) in her latest Junior Edition. Chase down an elusive bubble with Dewey in Pop!, switch places with a marionette in Spell & Spindle, revisit the castle of Dario’s traumatic youth in Scream All Night, and escape to the comforts of writing sci-fi with high-schooler Laila in Final Draft.



Junior Edition: New Fiction for Younger Readers #41

by Celia McGee


Summer reading recs are here in Celia McGee’s latest Junior Edition column for kids, teens and you! Cook up a storm with picture book Little Chef, then read a spooky and supernatural tale in The Haunted Serpent for older elementary schoolers. CFF First Novel Prize winner Marisha Pessl tries her hand at YA in Neverworld Wake while The Book of Essie is perfect for adults and teens.


read now

JUNIOR EDITION: New Fiction for Younger Readers #40

by Celia McGee


Celia McGee’s latest Junior Edition is out, with four recommendations for children and young adults (and the teen in all of us). Race against time with trombone player Shorty in New Orleans in The 5 O’Clock Band, travel with spirited Tash on her journey to the Dalai Lama in Running on the Roof of the World, have a close encounter with a fallen angel in Out of the Blue with Jaya, and clear the name of innocent (or is he?) Donovan in The Ruinous Sweep



Meet Our New Librarian Allison Escoto!

If you've dropped by the Center in the past few weeks you may have noticed a new face behind our front desk. We're thrilled to introduce you to our new librarian Allison Escoto—an avid reader who became a librarian after working in bookstores and in publishing. In this brief interview, our web editor Kristin Henley talks to Escoto about how she decided to become a librarian, her favorite books, and her work for the Newtown Literary Journal



What Was the First Book You Fell in Love With? 
by Our First Novel Prize Finalists 

Ahhhh first love... there's nothing like it, especially when it's found between the covers of a book. Over at Lit Hub our First Novel Prize Finalists talk about the books that first had them swooning. From classics like Green Eggs and Ham to a book about mutating kids, they prove that you never know what will capture a child's imagination. 

Open In Emergency: An Interview with Mimi Khúc 


Discussions about mental health can be difficult, but Open In Emergency, a new work of book art published by the Asian American Literary Review, aims to open up the conversation. This unique issue of the review features tarot cards, a special "version" of the DSM, an annotated brochure on postpartum depression, and more. In this interview our web editor Kristin Henley talks with Mimi Khúc, scholar, writer and guest editor of Open In Emergency.


Author Picks: Josh Kendall's Pay It Forward Book List


In this special edition of our Author Picks column, Joshua Kendall, editorial director of Mulholland Books, recommends five novels that were recommended to him that are sure to keep you up all night reading. Continue the tradition and send this list on to another book lover in your life.

"This book gets my award for #1 Driftiest Crime Novel. There is little suspense, but instead a kind of queer anticipatory doom that keeps you gnashing your teeth, trembling, and turning the pages." read

Shelf Life

by Sophie McManus


We asked the author of The Unfortunates and our new workshop instructor, Sophie McManus, to give us some insight into her disordered book collection and the importance of searching the shelves.


"I love photos of authors sitting in front of their books. These photos always convey a hint of pride, but also a sense that the author is laying herself bare to the viewer. However distinguished or enigmatic her half-smile, the story behind the author offers all her secrets. It says: these books are who I am." read