Syntax/Synapse is a dynamic series that investigates the intersection of fiction and neuroscience through events for adults, children, and commissioned essays. 


Neurological research shows that reading works of fiction and engaging in the act of storytelling improves brain function by flexing the imagination, sharpening reason, and expanding both intellectual horizons and our capacities for compassion and empathy. Through our lively programming this fall we aim to deepen the burgeoning connections between the practitioners of fiction and neuroscience. 


You can learn more about our upcoming events for adults, and programming for children and teens below.


In addition to our Syntax/Synapse events we're also bringing you a series of commissioned essays by some of your favorite fiction writers who investigate the mind through their writing. Elizabeth McKenzie, Dexter Palmer, Jeffery Renard Allen, Erik Hoel and more will take a nuanced look at how the creative mind works. Stay tuned for these later this season!

Kids Programming


In addition to our adult programs for Syntax/Synapse, we're hosting events for children and teens that specifically deal with mental health issues and neuroatypicality. The authors that will be joining us are Jennifer Roy (Mindblind), Corey Ann Haydu (OCD Love Story), Kate Scelsa (Fans of the Impossible Life), and Lyn Miller-Lachmann (Gringolandia). If you are a teacher or educational professional and would like to bring a group of students to one of these events please contact Kristin Henley at And learn more about our KidsRead program here




Syntax/Synapse is presented in partnership with YHouse


With support from the NEA