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The Storm at the Door with Stefan Merrill Block

Thursday June 23, 2011
07:00 pm

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The Center for Fiction's First Novel Prize finalist Stefan Merrill Block joined us for a celebration of his second novel, The Storm at the Door. Inspired by the story of Block's own grandparents, the novel follows Katharine and Frederick Merrill from their early romance on the eve of World War II, through their troubled marriage. Frederick's behaviour becomes more and more erratic, until Katharine makes the fateful decision to commit him to a mental asylum based on McLean Hospital, where he struggles to turn his incarceration into a creative exercise. 


Born in 1982, Stefan Merrill Block grew up in Texas. His first novel, The Story of Forgetting, won Best First Fiction at the Rome International Festival of Literature, the 2008 Merck Serono Literature Prize and the 2009 Fiction Award from The Writers' League of Texas. The Story of Forgetting was also a finalist for the debut fiction awards from IndieBound, Salon du Livre and The Center for Fiction. He lives in Brooklyn. Learn more here.