NOON Reading and Party

Thursday April 24, 2014
07:00 pm

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The Center for Fiction joined Diane Williams in celebrating the 15th Anniversary Edition of NOON. Critically acclaimed in the U.S. and abroad, NOON’s stories have been frequently reprinted in Harper’s and selected for numerous Pushcart and O. Henry prizes. The evening featured readings and refreshments. 

NOON 2014 contributors include Chiara Barzini, Kayla Blatchley, Tetman Callis, Kim Chinquee, Rebecca Curtis, Ann DeWitt, Brandon Hobson, Elan Lafontaine, Clancy Martin, Lincoln Michel, Dylan Nice, Julio Pecly (translated from the Portuguese by Lydia Davis), Ashton Politanoff, Lily Hoy Price, Christine Schutt, Rhoads Stevens, Robert Tindall, James Yeh, and Anya Yurchyshyn. 

“A compendium of unlikely pleasures…elegantly designed and curated.”
 — Los Angeles Times



Chiara Barzini is a screen and fiction writer living in Rome. Her writing has appeared in BOMB Magazine, The Coffin FactoryNOON, New York Tyrant, Milan Review, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Italian Vanity Fairand Harper’s. She is the author of the short story collection Sister Stop Breathing (Calamari Press).




Kayla Blatchley lives in the Midwest. Her work has been published online at and in the literary journal Unsaid. This is her first appearance in NOON.



Rebecca Curtis is the author of Twenty Grand and Other Tales of Love and Money (Harper Perennial). She is a frequent contributor to NOON.


Ann DeWitt's writing has appeared in Guernica, NOON,,,, The Believer Logger, elimae, Dossier Magazine, Two Serious Ladies, Publishing Genius, and The Faster Times, amongst others, and is forthcoming in The American Reader, and Short: A International Anthology, due out from Persea and distributed by Norton in March 2014. Ann is a Co-Founding Editor of Gigantic, a literary journal of short prose and art. Ann holds a B.A. from Brown University and an M.F.A. in Fiction from Columbia School of the Arts. She currently teaches in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program at Columbia University and in The Art and Design History and Theory department at The New School, Parsons, and is at work on her first novel.



Rhoads Stevens lives in Providence, Rhode Island. This is his third appearance in NOON.