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Marcel Proust, The Musician

Thursday April 25, 2013
07:00 pm

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This hour and a half concert was devoted to the composers and works that inspired Marcel Proust to create the character of Vinteuil in In Search of Lost Time. Works by Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Franck and Reynaldo Hahn was played, illustrated by excerpts from In Search of Lost Time read by the actor William Nadylam in English and in French. Renowned French musicians Anthony Leroy and Sandra Moubarak performed.


La Tour d’Argent provided Proustian treats for the reception.

This event is presented in partnership with the Book Department of the French Embassy.


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La Tour d’Argent is a French Michelin star restaurant and an upscale store located in the heart of Paris, in front of Notre Dame. For the past 500 years, La Tour d’Argent has developed unique recipes to satisfy the finest palates.  Over the years, the Tour has maintained tradition and honor, approaching worship. Time and celebrities come and go, the menus and fashions change, the table remains set at The Tour d’Argent. Since 2006, Andre Terrail is the President of this prestigious family business. He continuously and ardently fine-tunes the restaurant to the needs of an ever evolving clientele. A task he performs in close collaboration with Laurent Delabre, Executive Chef and MOF 2004.We are now pleased to introduce our selection finest product. This season, we are focusing on one of the tastier and traditional French cookie: La Madeleine. This delicious and moist butter cookie made in Brittany with 100% natural ingredients. It is now your time to experience what Proust felt when he enjoyed the Madeleine.