KidsRead Event: The Lunch Witch by Deb Lucke

Wednesday June 10, 2015
11:00 am

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For this KidsRead event, we welcomed Deb Lucke, 50 3rd grade students from Mott Haven Academy Charter School, and 30 Students from PS 28 The Wright Brothers School!

About The Lunch Witch (Papercutz)

For generations and generations, the women of Grunhilda's family have stirred up trouble in a big, black pot. Grunhilda inherits her famous ancestors' recipes and cauldron, but no one believes in magic anymore. Despite the fact that Grunhilda's only useful skill is cooking up potfuls of foul brew, she finds a job listing that might suit her: lunch lady. She delights in scaring the kids until she meets a timid little girl named Madison with a big set of glasses who becomes an unlikely friend. Madison needs help at school and at home, but helping people goes against everything Grunhilda's believes in as a witch! Will this girl be able to thaw the Lunch Witch's icy heart? Or will Grunhilda turn her back on a kindred spirit?


About Deb Lucke 

Once upon a time she was just a kid in Ohio whose grandmother said, “That kid can draw.”


Art lessons followed.


By high school others were taking note of her talent. For instance, her Spanish teacher, Señora Lance, once said in front of the entire class, “Senorita Lucke! Are you doodling again? Have you heard a single palabra I’ve said?” Deb was so proud.


Thus encouraged, Deb majored in art, went to work in advertising, won awards, rose as high as Vice President of an international ad agency, chucked in all in, took film and writing classes, audited Mike Nichols’ classes on acting, became a director, and made a short film that aired on television in NYC, Canada, Texas, and Japan. Noting that people liked her storyboards as much as they liked the finished film, she returned to drawing. This led to a number of children’s books: Sneezenesia, published by Clarion Books, Never Say Boo! with Robin Pulver, published by Holiday House, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim, published by Clarion Books, The Book of Time Outs, published Simon and Schuster, and ultimately to a graphic novel, The Lunch Witch, published by Papercutz.  The latter has received starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and School Library Journal and been accepted into The Society of Illustrator’s 2015 Comic & Cartoon Annual. Deb would like to thank her grandmother and Señora Lance.



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