KidsRead: Bronxwood by Coe Booth

Thursday May 22, 2014
11:30 am

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For this KidsRead event, we hosted, along with Coe Booth, 50 students from the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Erasmus High School in Brooklyn!



About Bronxwood (Push)


Tyrell's father is just out of jail, and Tyrell doesn't know how to deal with that. It's bad enough that his brother Troy is in foster care and that his mother is no help whatsoever. Now there's another thing up in his face, just when he's trying to settle down.


Tyrell's father has plans of his own, and doesn't seem to care whether or not Tyrell wants to go along with them. Tyrell can see the crash that's coming—with his dad, with the rest of his family, with the girls he's seeing—but he's not sure he can stop it. Or if he even wants to.


"Readers who have been with Tyrell from the beginning as well as those meeting him for the first time will be utterly invested in his future." —Kirkus Reviews

"Hope rings true through Tyrell’s sense of survival and responsibility as he cares for his brother, his friends, and his girl." —Booklist

"Action scenes combine with interpersonal exchanges to keep the pace moving forward at a lightning speed, but Booth never sacrifices the street-infused dialogue and emotional authenticity that characterize her works. She has created a compelling tale of a teen still trying to make the right choices despite the painful consequences." —School Library Journal



Coe Booth is a graduate of The New School’s Writing for Children MFA program, and a winner of the L.A. Times Book Prize for Young Adult Fiction. She is also the author of Tyrell and Kendra, and was born and still lives in the Bronx. Visit



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