In Conversation: Anne Germanacos and Hilary Plum

Thursday May 8, 2014
07:00 pm

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Anne Germanacos (Tribute) joined Hilary Plum (They Dragged Them Through the Streets) to read from and discuss their books. 

About Tribute (Rescue Press)

In her masterful second book, Anne Germanacos gets right down to the elemental: the single line. Tribute is a work of prose—novel, essay, experiment in narrative—created from distinct lines, a work of continual shape-shift and exhilarating motion. Tribute chronicles the daily life of a woman whose mother is dying and who begins to see a psychoanalyst, a woman who lives among lovers, sisters, and children, across continents and their conflicts (New York, San Francisco, Crete, Cyprus, Israel/​Palestine). The book that results offers us both her story—forcefully sensual, vibrantly lived—and, through its bold form, her complex relationship to story.

Germanacos's restless relationship to form is born of that most essential restlessness: desire. In Tribute she documents desire's manifold incarnations, the body's and the mind's; she pays beautiful tribute to the force of desire and to those who have been bold enough to try to comprehend it--gentle echoes remind us of H.D. and her Freud. In the tradition of Clarice Lispector, David Markson, and Marguerite Duras, Tribute takes us deep into the borderlands where fiction and nonfiction meet. The first book in Rescue Press's new series of innovative prose, this is a work of profound ambition and rare urgency.
"In a form all its own, navigating aphorism, journal, poetry, and novel, Anne Germanacos sounds out the profound territory of eros and grief, and their often unexplored interdependence. The beauty and agony of a mother's slow death, a daughter's striving body and perambulating mind: the sprawl of Tribute contains both, and admirably explores stations of rage, stasis, melancholy, observation, and desire." 
 — Maggie Nelson

About They Dragged Them Through the Streets (Fiction Collective 2)

A veteran of the US war in Iraq commits suicide, and his brother joins with four friends in search of ways to protest the war. Together they undertake a series of small-scale bombings, until an explosion claims the life of a member of their circle. This grave and elegant novel is an elegy for these two deaths and the war itself. 
They Dragged Them Through the Streets is a bold meditation on idealism, anger, and the American home front’s experience of today’s wars. This is an innovative work in the great tradition of war literature and a singular chronicle of one generation’s conflicts.
"In the cool and graceful prose of They Dragged Them Through the Streets, Hilary Plum traces the fault lines of paradox and contradiction her cast of young activists are riven by as they attempt to make sense of and respond to the official violence of the era. This courageous novel addresses the anxieties of our age."
 Stanley Crawford

Anne Germanacos is the author of the short-story collection In the Time of the Girls (BOA Editions, 2010). Together with her husband, Nick Germanacos, she ran the Ithaka Cultural Studies Program on the islands of Kalymnos and Crete. She now runs the Germanacos Foundation in San Francisco.


Hilary Plum is the author of the novel They Dragged Them Through the Streets (FC2, 2013). Recent work has appeared or will appear in the Seneca Review, Consequence, Western Humanities Review, and elsewhere. She is co-director of Clockroot Books and a contributing and book-review editor with the Kenyon Review. With Zach Savich she edits Rescue Press's Open Prose Series. She lives in Philadelphia.




This event was funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. through public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.