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Frederic Tuten and Ross Bleckner

Tuesday March 15, 2011
07:00 pm

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Fred Tuten

Art essayist and fiction writer Frederic Tuten (Self Portraits: Fictions) and visual artist Ross Bleckner engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on art, writing and where the two forms meet, which was moderated by our executive director, Noreen Tomassi. The audience was also treated to a reading by Frederic Tuten of his story L'Odysee which was featured in the first issue of The Literarian.


Frederic Tuten grew up in the Bronx and later lived in Latin and South America and Paris. He wrote about Brazilian Cinema Novo and taught cinema and literature at the University of Paris 8. He has written extensively about art, literature and film; acted in an Alain Resnais movie; taught with Paul Bowles in Morocco; co-wrote the cult-classic Possession, and along the way, earned a PhD in literature, a Guggenheim Fellowship and an award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.


Ross Bleckner was born in New York City and raised in Hewlett, NY, a Long Island suburb. Mr. Bleckner received a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 1971, a Master of Fine Arts from Cal Arts in 1973, and has taught at many of the nation's most prestigious universities. The Solomon R. Guggenheim of Art had a major retrospective of his works in 1995, summarizing two decades of solo shows at internationally acclaimed exhibition venues such as SFMoMA, Contemporary Arts Museum, Stockholm Moderna Museet, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Works by Mr. Bleckner are also held in esteemed public collections throughout the globe, including MoMA, MoCA, Astrup Fearnley, Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Not only has Mr. Bleckner had a profound impact of shaping the New York art world, his philanthropic efforts have enabled many community organizations to perform their vital work. For ten years Mr. Bleckner served as president of AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA), a non-profit community-based AIDS research and treatment education center.  More recently, he has been working with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Northern Uganda to help rehabilitate and raise money for ex-child soldiers. In May 2009 Mr. Bleckner was awarded the title of goodwill ambassador by the United Nations. Mr. Bleckner lives in New York City. 



Poets & Writers
This event was funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. through public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


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