Debuts: Celebrating Dana Czapnik & Erin Somers

Thursday May 23, 2019
07:00 pm

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Grants entry for 1 plus $10 voucher towards any purchase at our bookstore.


Two Center for Fiction Emerging Writer Fellows come together to discuss their first novels, The Falconer (Czapnik) and Stay Up with Hugo Best (Somers).



Dana Czapnik’s critically acclaimed debut novel The Falconer was released in January by Atria. In The Falconer, Czapnik has written the story she wanted to read. Set in the New York City she loves best—in 1993, before Giuliani got his mitts on it—about a young woman who is neither a victim, nor ill, nor overly precocious, nor the wealthy spawn of neglectful parents. In Lucy Adler, Czapnik has created a smart and funny 17-year-old, a magnificent baller and a nascent feminist, who is also desperately in love with her best friend, Percy.



Erin Somers' debut novel, Stay Up With Hugo Best, will be published by Scribner in April 2019. In a starred review, Kirkus said, “On the surface, Somers' debut is light and breezy, but the narrative is deft, controlled, and deadly smart. She mines depths out of Hollywood's propensity to look the other way when beloved men behave badly without a hint of preachiness. Instead, she's interested in complicity... What could be a straightforward novel about a young woman and an older man taking mutual advantage of one another is instead a brilliant study in how rarely we seize opportunities to grow and change for the better—especially if we're lucky enough to get more than one. An outstanding comedic debut about the deeply unfunny trials of growing up in and out of the spotlight. Somers is a writer to watch.”