Connecting Generations and Continents: RadioBook Rwanda

Sunday May 26, 2019
12:00 pm

Tags: Event

With Ogemdi Ude, Malaika Uwamahoro, and Tiphanie Yanique
Moderated by Chris Jackson


BAM and The Center for Fiction celebrate multimedia literary imprint RadioBook Rwanda and explore the work of three young Rwandan writers: Mutsinzi Eric, Annick La Reine Shimwa, and Jimmy Tuyiringire. Excerpts from their stories are read by three creative artists—dancemaker Ogemdi Ude, author Tiphanie Yanique, and spoken word artist Malaika Uwamahoro—with a moderated conversation and Q&A to follow.


Exclusive copies of the three RadioBook Rwanda publications will be available for purchase onsite, which are otherwise not available in the US.

You can also see Uwamahoro perform with Rwandan dance troupe Inganzo Ngari, one of many events happening this year at DanceAfrica! 


Radiobook Rwanda

RadioBook Rwanda is a new multimedia literary imprint showcasing Rwandan and East African creative voices. The imprint is the brainchild of three publishers: Rwanda’s Huza Press, Kenya’s Kwani Trust, and the UK’s No Bindings. It draws on inspiration and editorial expertise from Kwani Trust’s Kwanini series, while opening up new audiences for Rwandan writers published by Huza Press through No Bindings' innovative approaches to form and community publishing. To hear interviews with the writers and readings of their work, visit