Anna North, Sarah Heyward, and Carolita Johnson

Thursday June 18, 2015
07:00 pm

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Anna North, Sarah Heyward, and Carolita Johnson will come together to discuss life as a woman in a creative field, a major theme in Anna's new book, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark.


About The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

Gripping and provocative, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark is a haunting story of fame, love, and legacy told through the propulsive rise of an iconoclastic artist.


Sophie Stark begins her filmmaking career by creating a documentary about her obsession, Daniel, a college basketball star. But when she becomes too invasive, she finds herself the victim of a cruel retribution. The humiliation doesn’t stop her. Visionary and unapologetic, Sophie begins to use stories from the lives of those around her to create movies, and as she gains critical recognition and acclaim, she risks betraying the one she loves most.


Told in a chorus of voices belonging to those who knew Sophie best, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark is an intimate portrait of an elusive woman whose monumental talent and relentless pursuit of truth reveal the cost of producing great art.


Anna North is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. Her first novel, America Pacifica, was published in 2011, and her second, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark was published by Blue Rider Press in May 2015. She has been a writer and editor at Jezebel, BuzzFeed, and Salon, and is now a staff editor at the New York Times.


Sarah Heyward is a writer and producer for the critically acclaimed HBO series Girls. A member of the writing staff since the show’s first season, she wrote the episodes “Bad Friend,” “Incidentals,” and “Female Author.” Her first feaure-length script, “Sister-in-Law,” sold to Good Universe in 2013. Before becoming a screenwriter, Heyward attended Harvard College and received her M.F.A. in Fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop where she was the recipient of the Maytag Fellowship as well as the Richard Yates Short Story Prize.

Carolita Johnson is a New York cartoonist, as well as an illustrator, writer and café counter girl. She has been contributing cartoons to The New Yorker magazine since 2003, and her writing has appeared at,, and Scratch ( She is currently working on an illustrated collection of personal autobiographical essays called, "Happily Often After."