Event Videos


Notes on Fiction: The Strange Library

December 15, 2015 MORE



A Crime Fiction Slam

December 10, 2015 MORE




2015 Annual Benefit and Awards Dinner

December 8, 2015 MORE



First Novel Fête

December 7, 2015 MORE



Extraordinary Rendition:

American Writers on Palestine

December 4, 2015 MORE



In Conversation: Benjamin Taylor and Claudia Roth Pierpont

December 1, 2015 MORE



Writing Place:

Bonnie Jo Campbell and Carolyn Chute

November 19, 2015 MORE



Writing the Self: Heidi Julavits,

Maggie Nelson, and Sarah Manguso

November 17, 2015 MORE



Writing the Past:

Jami Attenberg and B. A. Shapiro

November 16, 2015 MORE



On Elena Ferrante:

Jhumpa Lahiri and Ann Goldstein 

November 12, 2015 MORE



Towards the Sea: A Notes on Fiction Concert Inspired by Moby-Dick

November 10, 2015 MORE



New Literature From Europe Festival:

A Funny Thing About Writing...

November 6, 2015 MORE



New Literature From Europe Festival:

The Calling: Writing with Responsibility

November 6, 2015 MORE



CFA Master Class: Joseph Finder

November 5, 2015 MORE



In Conversation:

Owen Sheers and Matthew Thomas

November 3, 2015 MORE



In Conversation: Jill Bialosky and Bill Clegg

October 27, 2015 MORE



In Conversation: Rupert Thomson and Rebecca Carroll

October 22, 2015 MORE



A Celebration of Primo Levi: Paola Mieli and Joan Acocella

October 21, 2015 MORE



Imagined Biographies:

Gavin McCrea and Therese Anne Fowler

October 20, 2015 MORE



CFA Master Class:

Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment

October 15, 2015 MORE



2015 Emerging Writers Fellows Reading

October 14, 2015 MORE 



CFA Master Class: Zoë Sharp

October 13, 2015 MORE



Amitav Ghosh, Elias Khoury

and Sinan Antoon

October 8, 2015 MORE



Author & Editor:

Thomas Mallon and Dan Frank

October 7, 2015 MORE 



New Irish Writing: Eimear McBride

October 6, 2015 MORE 



CFA Master Class: Lawrence Block

September 30, 2015 MORE 



Tom Piazza with Jon Michaud

September 22, 2015 MORE





In Conversation: Lidia Yuknavitch and Porochista Khakpour

July 22, 2015 MORE



Sleepless Nights:

The Music of Daniel Felsenfeld

June 25, 2015 MORE



Author & Editor:

Mia Alvar and Lexy Bloom

June 24, 2015 MORE



Paulette Livers, Dylan Landis,

and Rebecca Makkai

June 23, 2015 MORE



Anna North, Sarah Heyward,

and Carolita Johnson

June 18, 2015 MORE



In Conversation: Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Tiphanie Yanique

June 10, 2015 MORE



Notes on Fiction: 

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

June 9, 2015 MORE



Tracy O'Neill: The Hopeful

June 4, 2015 MORE



A Perfect Crime with John Freeman & A Yi

May 29, 2015 MORE



Patricia Park: Re Jane

May 26, 2015 MORE



Notes on Fiction: Heart of Darkness

May 18, 2015 MORE



Eliza Kennedy: I Take You

May 6, 2015 MORE



NOON: A Celebration

May 5, 2015 MORE



Jaime Clarke and Amy Grace Loyd

April 30, 2015 MORE



Brian Catling: The Vorrh 

April 29, 2015 MORE



Mary Morris, Christina Baker Kline,

and Valerie Martin

April 28, 2015 MORE



In Conversation:

Louis Begley and Jane Kramer

April 9, 2015 MORE



Time Ages in a Hurry by Antonio Tabucchi

April 7, 2015 MORE



Fact & Fiction:

Carola Dibbell and Robert Christgau

March 19, 2015 MORE



Jill Ciment: Act of God

March 18, 2015 MORE



CFA: Duane Swierczynski

March 3, 2015 MORE



Charles Baxter: 

There's Something I Want You to Do

February 25, 2015 MORE



In Conversation:

Andrea Chapin and James Shapiro

February 24, 2015 MORE



In Conversation:

Amanda Filipacchi and Katherine Heiny

February 19, 2015 MORE